We Believe That

  • Everybody has the right to feel safe and be safe, and that both martial arts and self defence training can play a key role in this.
  • Martial Arts has the ability to significantly improve physical and mental wellbeing, as well as providing a superb source of self-empowerment, self-discipline and social empowerment. 
  • Martial Arts can offer a significant contribution toward key societal issues – such as children in poverty, knife crime and domestic abuse – through carefully constructed programmes. 
  • Martial arts clubs and instructors should be properly vetted and regulated, and they should be accountable to a governing body.

Our Goals Are To

  • Promote grass roots martial arts and self defence participation for people of all backgrounds, ages and societies. 
  • To enforce minimum standards of eligibility and professional for instructors, as well as setting best practice guidance for clubs, senseis and coaches in safeguarding, instructing, health & safety and professional development.
  • Effectively regulate instructors and clubs across the UK and provide them with the pathways, tools and resources to run more successful, profitable and professional martial arts clubs.
  • To champion self defence training for people of all ages, to help communities feel safer, fitter and more empowered in respect of personal safety.
  • Use martial arts to effect lasting social change through our Charitable Foundation, especially in key demographics including Children Growing Up In Poverty, children At Risk Of Knife Crime and Women And Girls underrepresented in Martial Arts Sport.