Our Association and the Foundation – both of which are separate legal entities – are completely self funded. Sport England, nor any third parties, have ever provided us with grants or financial support. All of the profits from our association and Group go straight to the Foundation to support our charitable aims.

As an association we are immensely proud to run as a social enterprise and not for profit. The BMABA Fighting Chance Charitable Foundation which is the charitable arm of our operations exists to help transform and inspire lives using martial arts as the catalyst for change. Founded by our award winning social entrepreneur Giovanni who himself grew up in poverty and found martial arts to be a live-saving tool, we run a number of charitable programmes. These are aimed at attacking key social injustices – such as Childhood Poverty, Knifecrime, Violence Against Women And Girls, Poor Safety In Martial Arts and more. The core association – including any membership fees paid by instructors and clubs – directly funds this critical work.

Every club that joins or renews with the BMABA Association is directly supporting our Foundation’s critical work. The Foundation’s work is non-political and based on helping as many of society as possible through martial arts.

How can my club joining the BMABA help the foundation?

Our Fighting Chance Charitable Foundation uses martial arts to effect lasting social change. This involves efforts to tackle childhood poverty, knifecrime, violence against women and girls and other worthy causes too. To run these campaigns effectively the Foundation needs a pool of reliable, professional clubs and instructors. That’s where you come in.

Through your BMABA membership – and at no additional charge – you can get your club involved in all of our charitable initiatives and campaigns. This allows you to help effect real, lasting change in your community whilst also growing your club. We provide all of the marketing and guidance needed to run our nationally acclaimed and award winning programmes, so you benefit, the foundation benefit and the community benefit.

Want to be involved? 

Learn more about the foundation or sign up online and become a BMABA instructor to access our charitable programs for free for your club.