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Why Have I Not Heard Of The BMABA Before?

Good question. We’ve been around since 2012 and to date have tens of thousands of members across the United Kingdom. We’ve won a number of national awards and work with some big charities too.

As a not for profit we don’t spend large sums of our members membership fees on ads and instead rely mostly on organic advertising and word of mouth. It’s possible we’ve crossed paths before our new fancy website was unveiled too, so it may have been our organisation ‘in a previous incarnation’.

Either way, we’re a dominant and well respected organisation in the UK martial arts sector. Please take the time to explore our expansive website and to check out our reviews both on and off our website.

Can the BMABA provide insurance?

The BMABA has a specialist group cover policy that allows us to serve instructor insurance – both public liability and professional indemnity, to our members in conjunction with membership. We can also provide student and club cover protecting you for almost anything. We’re not an insurer, so we can’t offer advice on insurance matters nor provide a standalone policy. We can, however, provide access to our association’s group cover policy at an affordable price in conjunction with membership. To find out more about the cover available and costs, please visit the relevant type of cover using the main menu.

Can I Run My Club My Way If I Join?

Provided it is safe, responsible and in keeping with our regulatory guidelines – yes.

These guidelines are not designed to restrict what you can or can not do, and don’t lead you to incur any additional charges. You’re still free to grade students your way, when you wish, without paying us a penny and to keep complete control over the direction and future of your club.

Our primary focus is the professional standards, safety and safeguarding of members training with you. Our basic set of regulation will help you run a legal, compliant and safe school. The direction you chose to take this in is entirely up to you.

If I Join, To What Level Can I Grade My Students?

As an independent organisation we’re keen to allow you as much freedom as possible to teach your way, without hindrance.

Generally speaking, we permit an instructor to grade to one belt / grade below their own – so a 2nd Dan may grade students to 1st Dan, and so on. We know that some traditional styles generally impose a 2 grade rule but we won’t enforce this. We encourage you to follow the etique from your discipline but we do understand it’s not always possible. In our opinion, if you have attained the technical understanding and competency of a 4th Dan you should be free to grade to 3rd Dan, as you’ll of course have to have more than enough technical understanding of this grade in order to have reached and surpassed this yourself!

Do I Have To Provide Proof Of Grade To Join?

Yes, you do.

We won’t accept any applications without full proof of grade being submitted and approved first. You can sign up online and provide your proof of grade via our specialist system, and we’re on hand to help if you have questions about what we need to see.

My Style Doesn't Have Belts - How Can You Establish My 'Grade'

We’ve got some specific guidance on helping those without set guides gain eligibility to teach. It’s fair and based on a number of different influencing factors, so you should find we can help you demonstrate proof in other ways than just grades. You can find out more from here.

Can I Speak To Someone About My Question?

Of course. We’re available by phone Monday to Friday, 9.30AM – 4.30PM. We can also provide  Text, E-Mail, Facebook and Live Chat support. Please click here to contact us.

Can I Join Without My Professional Criteria Being Made Public?

Unfortunately not. We’re very open and transparent about maintaining excellent standards in martial arts, and part of this is allowing students to easily see and understand grades, professional qualifications and other statutes – like DBS checks, insurance, first aid and so on. By joining us, you must accept that your professional details will be made available online. Privacy is a big deal. Not only are we of course GDPR compliant and registered with the ICO, but we’re sensitive to these concerns. No personal information is published other than your full name. Please contact us before joining if you have concerns about this.

Do I Have To Leave My Current Organisation To Join The BMABA?

We don’t require you to leave your current organisation before joining us – but if you’d like to leave your current organisation and join us instead we have a dedicated section on our site to help you make the switch. Please click here to find out more.

How much does it cost to join the BMABA?

The cost of joining our organisation depends on the type of membership you require, and whether you need insurance too. We do offer completely free membership for those looking to taste the BMABA without commitment as well.

To find out more about the membership options available to you please click here.

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