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As an association, we are tirelessly committed to offering nothing short of a superb service to our members. We continue to increase in size exponentially and now represent in-excess of 30,000 members and 6,500 clubs across the United Kingdom from more than 150 disciplines.

We believe this is testimony to the service we offer and our unique ability to meet a desire for change amongst a growing number of martial arts clubs, instructors & coaches. Most instructors will have tried a few organisations or associations in their time and most say the same thing; politics and egos ruin it. Squabbling, who’s who, minimum numbers… We hear the same thing time and time again.

We’re fiercely committed to changing this cliche by running an independent, politics free and community run organisation that is truly dedicated to offering instructors and clubs the opportunity to run their business their way with the full backing of a leading UK association. We know that statement is a bit of a cliche in it’s self as similar lines are now touted across dozens of association websites but when we first started using these terms in 2012 that wasn’t the case. As the saying goes, “words are cheap” and that couldn’t be more true. We’ll let our track-record and pro-active approach to governance do the talking.

To date we represent thousands of members from across the UK and help to promote safe, professional martial arts and combat classes without excessive red tape and politics. Most importantly, our clubs remain independent and are free to decide upon how they wish to develop without interference from a power hungry, money centric governing body. We’re a certified social enterprise and with our Not for Profit guarantee, all of our commercial proceeds go straight to the Fighting Chance Foundation. By removing profit from the equate, we believe a large part of the issue is resolved.

By joining our organisation as a martial arts instructor or club you’ll be able to enjoy affiliation to one of the UK’s leading professional organisations for martial arts instruction. Alongside our professional certification & licensing you’ll enjoy a range of other essential features – such as a club website, blank documents and forms, free club listings, student grading certificates, insurance, licensing and more.

Best of all, you remain completely politics free and genuinely independent. We’re here to support you – not hold you back.

A few key things we offer our instructors;

We offer all of our members the opportunity to be a part of an industry leading body for professional martial arts, boxing & combat instructors, coaches & senseis.

Our Association offers those who are genuine professionals the opportunity to gain recognised qualifications and certification. Alongside our certification and licensing we provide some of the finest & most comprehensive membership benefits, features, resources, licensing tools and insurances to those who call the BMABA their home.

Here are just a few of the benefits we can offer our members;

Completely Politics Free

Politics has no place in the BMABA. Unfortunately so many associations let petty squabbling and politics get in the way of their job – representing, supporting and developing their members. We’re a professional organisation and we’re signed up to the SRA’s commitment to good governance and so have a zero-tolerance approach to the usual political drama.

No Contracts Or Tie-Ins

You’re never bound to be a part of our Association and you can terminate your membership to us at any renewal if you don’t we’re up to the job. You don’t need to buy into our programs or qualifications and you most certainly don’t need to surrender your freedom to teach independently. We support you, not restrict you.

Affordable & Fair

We’re a Not for Profit Social Enterprise led by our community of instructors and clubs. Therefore we don’t want members who don’t want to be a part of our Association and the collective community. For this reason we always offer a fair & transparent governing body to be a part of with affordable, comprehensive and clear fees.

Governed By Our Members

Although there is a director at the helm of our Association with a team of professional employees, we have a trusted committee made up of real members representing the interests of our instructors. As a member yourself you’ll always have the right to make decisions on our future and the right to cast an equal vote on key matters.

Some Of The Highest Standards In The Industry

We set standards that mean only genuinely qualified instructors and senseis are able to hold membership to our exclusive & professional organisation. If you’re up to our standards you can be one of the UK’s most recognised instructors, and can stand yourself apart from the cowboys.

Leading Certification & Licensing

The certification issued in-house by our body is recognised as some of the best certification and martial arts licensing available anywhere in the world. What’s more – all of our certification is checkable with industry leading verification to help you assure clients, students and parents that you’re vetted and properly registered.

Affordable & Comprehensive Student Insurance & Licensing

Enjoy comprehensive student public liability insurance, beautiful student certification, leading student licensing, grade recognition, student resources & more from a nominal annual fee of just £2 per student, per year.

Free & Unlimited Business Support

Enjoy business support that helps you start your own club, build up your members and develop an established club into a legitimate business. Make the steps from start up to full time Dojo with free support & guidance throughout.

A Friendly & Professional Community

Our membership is constantly growing and with this so too is our community. Our member’s area is made up of like minded instructors and clubs from all levels of the career-chain and all grades & styles. Network and grow within our friendly community.

Freedom To Run Your Club Your Way

We’re here to support you – not limit you. With the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) you’re free to run your club your way, charge what you want, grade as please and maintain your club’s independence. As long as what you do is safe, ethical and professional we’ll back you.

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Multi-Award Winning, Politics Free, Independent, Different.

There’s a reason we’re seen as an industry disruptor. Modern in our approach to technology and customer service, we’re community based and we’re a registered charitable foundation too. With nearly a decade of experience and a membership base in excess of 15,000 participants and instructors, we’re multi-award winning for a reason and would love to work with you.

“I would like to thank everyone on the BMABA Team that has helped me during my time with what can only be described as the best Martial Arts Association I have ever belonged to and I am proud to be one of its first members. Giovanni, you are an inspiration and entrepreneur for those that embrace a politics-free association, professionally run and a shining example for the rest. Keep up the good work – the recognition is already there and I suspect it will continue. The BMABA is the association that I had hoped and dreamed about to allow me to start teaching self defence with the support and advice I needed, but without the politics and interference I wished to avoid.”

Jonathan Davis
Pure Self Defence
Ali Hasanzade

“Someone has answered my gentle prayers and FINALLY designed an organisation that will leave you stress-free in the world of MARTIAL ARTS 🙂

I am so excited to leave my recommendation because words cannot describe how much BMABA means to me and how it has changed everything in my organisation for the better. They are literally representing what we are about here at British MMA in West London, Brentford. We go by ‘Traditional Values with a Modern Approach’. They are so much more and you can take it from me – you’ll never find any other organisation or company doing GREATER things than this team BMABA. For all those who are still traditional and thinking old ways of not changing things around in case there are some concerns. Give me a call from our website or facebook page and I will personally give you a recommendation in why you should change and revamp everything in your club or as an instructor with the BRITISH MARTIAL ARTS & BOXING ASSOCIATION.

Ali Hasanzade
British MMA


We’ve featured in newspapers and radio, have won various external accolades and continue to work with a number of high-profile charities and organisations. 

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