COVID Recovery Grants For Martial Arts

BMABA's Flagship 'Back To The Mats' Provision To Help New & Existing Clubs Return To Training Safely Post-Lockdown

We do not believe enough has been done to protect UK martial arts from the immeasurable harm inflicted by Coronavirus and the associated restrictions on contact and training. 

Further to this, feedback we have received from clubs across the UK suggest that those who help societies most vulnerable have been hardest hit at the expense of elite sport which has been permitted to continue throughout. 

We don’t think that’s good enough and we’re doing something about it.

To help clubs resume training safely when permitted, we’ve launched our National Coronavirus Recovery Fund for Martial Arts as part of our wider ‘Back To The Mats’ initiative. The scheme aims to provide direct support in key areas – such as insurance and safeguarding – to help clubs get back on their feet following the best part of a year of restrictions or forced closures.

The scheme is entirely self-funded without any support or funding from Government or Sport England. It is open to new and existing clubs.

What help is available?

This support is open to every instructor who wishes to apply whilst the grants remain open. We anticipate this to be through to May but this may change based on demand and our ability to self-fund such a broad scheme. We encourage clubs from all backgrounds and styles to apply if you need support.

Immediate Small Club Relief Grant (ISCRG)

If you’re not an existing member of BMABA you can apply online for an immediate grant which will provide you with one of the following. You may choose which you prefer;

  • 90 days completely free instructor insurance combined with our basic affiliate membership, with £2,000,000 Public Liability, £1,000,000 Professional Indemnity & £250,000 Abuse Extension cover. After the first 90 days your membership and insurance will expire fully and will need to be renewed if you wish to continue with us.


  • The equivalent of 120 days of instructor insurance (per the above) to discount off any annual membership plan inclusive of cover. The direct cost reduction will vary slightly but is typically around £40.


  • £40 of martial arts student insurances completely free of charge. You can use this as you wish throughout the year to fully cover the entire costs of registrations on a named or open allocation basis.


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Discretionary High-Impact Relief Fund (DHIRF)

If you’re not an existing member of BMABA and have been hard-hit by restrictions and lockdown, you can apply for our discretionary fund. This will require a much more thorough application process which will likely take around 6 working days to review. During this process, we will need you to share key financial information to help us understand the real impact on numbers – financially and student wise – at your club.

The fund is primarily designed for grappling clubs and those who rely on close contact as an inherent part of their style. The fund is also designed to help not for profit clubs and those who work with areas of severe importance to us – such as knife crime, childhood poverty, violence against women and girls and so on.

  • We have not set a cap for what support will be available to clubs under this fund, as it will be provisioned on a ‘case by case’ basis. Support may include extended or full annual periods of instructor and/or student insurance paid for by BMABA, as well as the possibility of support with DBS checks and safeguarding qualifications.
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Existing BMABA members will receive priority support as well as much more generous grant amounts through the above funds, as a thank you for supporting us throughout lockdown. Please refer to the COVID Recovery Grant Scheme via MyBMABA.

Apply for a COVID Recovery
Grant online now.

How The Process Works

You can apply for either of our two grants online. One offers instant support and is open to any and every applicant, the other is more targeted and comes with a more in-depth application process. We’ll provide a summary of each grant in a moment. Here’s what happens when you get started below;

  1. We’ll first of all ask you to complete a brief anonymous survey. This helps us understand the broader picture within UK Martial Arts so we can support clubs in the months ahead. This has no bearing on your grant approval and is completely anonymous. We are asking every club to complete this 2 minute survey before receiving help, so thank you in advance.
  2. Once completed, you can apply online for the grant of your choice. 

This is not the application for existing BMABA instructors and clubs. Existing members should apply to our enhanced fund here instead.