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Why does a club quote work out cheaper than signing up online?

Alot of what we offer works on volume, which means the more members you put to us – be that instructors or students – the more cost effective it becomes. This is especially true where insurance is involved.

When you request a bespoke club you’re offering us a snapshot of the total income we’re likely to receive from you in any one year. This helps us offer generous discounts we can’t provide to instructors applying on a pay as you go basis. There’s also the possibility of additional discounts for clubs that are charitable – or where we don’t have a BMABA presence or a particular style – in a particular area of the UK.

If it’s more than just you as an individual instructor, it’s always worth requesting a bespoke club quote.

Am I obliged to go through with the quote?

Absolutely not.

It’s provided without obligation and is non-binding. If you like it, we’d love to discuss further and get you signed up. If you don’t, that’s absolutely fine. We will try and address issues you might have but ultimately you’re welcome to walk away without obligation.

No pressure.

How long does it all take?

You’ll typically have a fully-itemised quote back to you the next working day. If you need it sooner, just drop us an e-mail (it’s faster than calling, as we need to look at the system to see your requirements) and we can usually get it back to you within an hour or so if our senior management team are to hand.

If you like the quote, we can then have you signed up and accessing the system within 24-48 hours, if not sooner.

It’s not uncommon for a club to request a bespoke price on Monday, give the go-ahead to us on Tuesday, and to provide their details for instructors etc only to find their sign up is complete by Wednesday.

If you need a quote back ASAP, please complete the quote request form below and contact our office as soon as this is done to let us know; we’ll chase it through for you.

Bespoke & Exclusive


Please provide us with some key details and we will be happy to quote you.

  • We’ll Answer Any Questions

    As soon as we know your requirements, we welcome as many questions as you have – be that on us, insurance, membership or anything else.

  • Choose Your Package

    You tell us what membership and insurance options match your club needs best, to ensure the best possible package at the most affordable rate.

  • We’ll Get You Signed Up

    If you’re happy with everything, we’ll provide an on-boarding process that makes moving to us hassle free, fast and effective.



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