3 Ridiculous Reasons We Hear As To Why A Club Doesn’t Bother With DBS Checks

As you may expect, we deal with thousands of instructors and clubs on an annual basis. Safeguarding standards still vary massively, despite constant efforts and tens of thousands of pounds of incentivised safeguarding provisions provided by our organisation to date.

Here are three common and immediately dismissable reasons we hear from clubs as to why they don’t undertake DBS checks as standard on themselves or their members of staff;


1.) I’m not an offender, so it’s not necessary.

This is great, provided we have our crystal ball / lie-detector machine plugged in and ready to go…

Clearly we have no idea who you are, nor what your past involves. As a responsible organisation whom takes safeguarding seriously we consider ourselves to have a very real duty to ensure those permitted access to children or adults at risk are suitably vetted and eligible. A DBS check is the only way we can do this.


2.) My old association / insurer didn’t need it.

That’s simply not good enough. Frankly, we don’t care if your old organisation was too lazy, incompetent or arrogant to make this an essential requirement. Whilst it’s true some rules may be exempt, if you fit into the defined categories, whether or not you’ve done it previously, you’ll need to get it sorted if you wish to join our association.


3.) It’s expensive / it’s a con.

We hear this alot. DBS checks aren’t that expensive when you consider it against the cost of hall hire or equipment. Let’s think about an 1 1/2 hours of usual hall-hire. This might cost anywhere between £15-£40 (depending on geographical location). Likewise, gloves or a kicking shield can easily cost between £30-£60 too.

A DBS check for genuine volunteers will cost around £14.00, with a check for a paid role costing around £54.00. Let’s focus on the higher figure. We accept checks as ‘in-date’ for 3 years from date of issue. This would equate to £18 per year – £1.50 per month.

It’s really not that bad!


To find out more about DBS checks, what they look for, how to complete and one and the costs involved, please click here.

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