The PVG Scheme Explained For Scottish Clubs & Instructors

What is the PVG and the DBS check?

Both the PVG and DBS schemes are tools to help employers (primarily) ensure staff are suitable for the job role they are fulfilling. It has a particular emphasis on criminal convictions and provides confirmation of convictions, crimes and cautions, subject to the level of the check being conducted.

In relation to martial arts, both help the general public and any prospective employing club confirm that an instructor should be teaching. It can detail convictions for crimes like child sexual abuse, GBH and burglary, among all possible crimes.

Where it becomes a little more confusing is jurisdiction. In England and Wales we use the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS). For Scotland it’s the PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) Scheme. Both effectively aim to achieve the same goal, but work in slightly different ways.


 What’s the difference?

Not a great deal. Both will ultimately show a person’s criminal history relevant to the level requested. The main difference in the PVG scheme is that acts as a membership scheme on which you enrol. Rather than just receiving a certificate detailing convictions at that particular time the PVG scheme provides a continuous update to ensure those on it remain suitable for their role. We think that’s a great idea!


How did Scottish clubs adhere to this?

We can provide our Scottish members with access to PVG scheme applications however they’re still being done on paper. For this reason, you might want to find out more yourself from the PVG website here.

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