Free Covid-Aware Martial Arts Instructor Qualification

The UK’s First Dedicated Martial Arts Instructor Qualification To Make Clubs Covid-Safe & Covid-Aware

The UK’s First Dedicated Covid-19 Martial Arts Instructor Qualification To Help Clubs Re-Open Safely

We know this is uncertain times for everybody and for martial arts Coronavirus has had a devastating impact. Whilst there may be some basic Covid-19 Awareness courses available, none until now have been custom-built for martial arts instructors.

We have created the UK’s first martial arts specific qualification to help make clubs ‘Covid-Aware’. The course will help clubs understand, control and mitigate the risks posed by Coronavirus during a phased re-opening of dojos; from online, to outdoor to indoor classes.

The qualification provides both the knowledge and skills to operate in a Covid-Aware setting, as well as a wider exit-strategy to help clubs mitigate the damage Coronavirus is having on the future survival of their business or community group.

This entire course and certification is provided completely free of charge to every BMABA instructor.

Find out more about membership with us and join us online.

We have completely self-funded the creation and delivery of this course with no support or funding from Sport England. 

What does the course cover?

We have built this qualification from the ground up to cover not just Coronavirus itself (in terms of spotting signs and how the virus spreads) but also specifically how this impacts teaching and how clubs can mitigate these risks. The course forms an exit-strategy to the wider and longer term impacts posed by Covid-19 to help instructors plan and launch a safer return to martial arts.

Course Contents

The BMABA Covid-Aware Martial Arts Readiness Award for Instructors is designed to introduce instructors and coaches to the issue of resuming teaching within a Covid-19 exit stratergy.

The course will look at preparation, hygiene, control and mitigation of the risks posed by Coronavirus within a martial arts setting with a view to assisting instructors in making sensible, well-informed decisions on how to prepare and run covid-safer martial arts lessons. This course will also guide an instrutor through creating a Covid-19 exit stratergy and Covid-19 Club Policy to help with matters such as;

  • Maximum class sizes
  • Insurance & Health And Safety
  • Drop Off & Collection
  • Social Distancing
  • Equipment
  • First Aid Considerations
  • Signage & Communication
  • Safeguarding
  • Syllabus Variations & Gradings
  • Designating A Covid Contact
  • Virtual Lessons & Remote Learning
  • Payments & Admin
  • Outdoor Training

In terms of being Covid-Aware, the course also covers;

  • Signs and symptoms of Coronavirus
  • Government advice on symptoms and isolation
  • A look at how the virus spreads and way to prevent infection
  • A wider look at Covid-19 and the health implications

The specific modules included are;

  • An Introduction To Covid-Aware Martial Arts

  • Recognising Symptoms

  • Understanding Transmission & Preventing Coronavirus In Martial Arts

  • Social Distancing & Self Isolating

  • Developing An Exit-Strategy & Covid-19 Policy (ESCP)

  • Covid-19 Readiness Assessment For Instructors

There is also a module that requires the creation of an ESCP policy document to help convey key safety and awareness matters to your students, tied up with a full multiple choice exam at the end. During the exam, you will have only three attempts to resit before you need to ask our learning team to unlock further access. An 82% pass rate will be required at minimum.

What certification is provided?

Our completely free Covid-Aware martial arts instructor qualification course comes with the below free PDF certification, custom to you, on issue.

How is the learning provided?

We use our custom built, award-winning instructor portal to deliver all of the online training. Available on any device, our learning system provides an easy to use, beautifully designed platform through which you can gain your qualification.

This qualification forms part of our industry-leading response to Covid-19. See all of the other available resources.

Access This Course Free Of Charge

This Covid-Aware Martial Arts Instructor Qualification is part of our COVID-19 Recovery Toolkit and is free for all of our registered instructors.

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