Our Inclusive Martial Arts programme is still in its infancy and is due for pilot testing during the early part of 2020. The programme will aim to upskill instructors in all styles of martial arts to enable them to open the doors of their dojos (a traditional term for a place where martial arts is practiced) to everyone.

It’s awful to think that somebody may miss out on martial arts training because of a disability – physical or mental. It’s not right, and something must be done.

Our Inclusive Martial Arts certification will have a two prong attack on the issue;

Training & Awareness

For any coach – especially often under-trained amateur instructors – making the necessary adaptations to a complex martial arts syllabus to welcome any one with a disability can be daunting. Unfortunately this all-too often leads to someone who would so greatly benefit being turned away.

We want to provide qualification and training to upskill instructors on equality and diversity. Providing structured training and assessments to ensure UK martial arts coaches are equipped with the skills and compassion to sensitively, professionally and effectively adapt a martial arts club or lesson to meet the needs of a disabled student.

Funds & Support For Practical Matters

In addition to the core training and support we recognise that many small amateur clubs don’t have the funds to make their places of training accessible, nor the funds to buy specialist equipment.

Part of our inclusive martial arts programme will aim to address accessibility and equipment issues faced by often small, not for profit community clubs. This will be combined with expert guidance on disability access to ensure as many clubs as possible provide a safe, welcoming space for martial arts practice to everyone.

Where are we currently at?

We’re piloting the programme at the start of 2020, which means we’re starting to try out different ways of delivering the core objectives of this initiative with a select number of specialist BMABA clubs. We have no dedicated funding available to support this ambitious project as of yet, so we’re committing our own internal funds which is limiting it’s full potential. As we develop additional funds to support the Inclusive Martial Arts programme specifically, hopefully toward Q4 of 2020 we will develop the programme onto a broader participatory basis among our 16,500+ member clubs and participants.

Can You Help This Programme?

We’re completely self funded and receive absolutely no support from Sport England, the UK Government or any other Statutory Bodies. If you think you can help us move this programme along, we would love to hear from you and are immensely grateful for any donations pledged.