Our #MartialArtsDoneRight campaign aims to revolutionise the way martial arts instructors and clubs run their operations focusing on safety and safeguarding rather than grades and medals.

The MADR scheme works to address issues of poor standards and the lack of available best practice guidance currently available for UK clubs and senseis. Through a series of online resources, vlogs, webinars and funded training courses the #MartialArtsDoneRight campaign should help to effectively change the way clubs approach key issues. Safeguarding, Risk Management, Health & Safety, Ethics and Integrity among others are key aspects of the programme.

The programme is in pilot testing until July 2020 at which point we will be able to share some exciting feedback on engagement and achievements. We currently have a number of clubs testing the scheme and we hope to fast-track the programme’s release early in 2020 should the relevant funding become available.

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