We Use Martial Arts To Change Lives Through Our Foundation


The BMABA Fighting Chance Foundation uses our significant name and respect within the martial arts industry to drive key change to some of the UK’s most deprived communities.

We work to Tackle Knife CrimeGet More Women & Girls Learning Self Defence, Provide Free Training For Children Growing Up In Poverty, Provide Physical Outputs For Veterans and so much more through our dedicated Foundation.


Somehow, despite living in a country with some of the world’s greatest wealth, we have so many in poverty and socioeconomic hardship. From children growing up in poverty through to county lines and knife crime – women and girls at risk of violence through to violence against the LGBTQ community, there’s alot of work to do if we are to build a tolerant, safe society. COVID-19 made this a whole lost worse.

Our Work

The BMABA Fighting Chance Foundation uses martial arts to effect change in society where it’s needed most. From empowering victims of violences through to providing a safe-haven from a youth on the streets, our work aims to use self defence and martial arts to help people from all backgrounds access support, training and better life chances.