We Champion Self Defence Training

Everybody Has The Right To Be Safe. Since 2012, We’ve Helped Tens Of Thousands Of Adults & Children Learn Practical Self Defence


We firmly believe everybody should learn practical, reality based self defence.


We face uncertain times. Putting aside the many superb benefits of martial arts we believe there’s value in learning simple, effective personal protection techniques too.


We use the BMABA Charitable Foundation to assist clubs and instructors in teaching accessible, affordable reality based self defence training to communities across the United Kingdom.


There’s lots of misconceptions around learning self defence. One of the big ones is believing (wrongly) that it will guarantee you some sort of safety. It can’t and won’t do that – but it can give you a fighting chance.


Aside from the practical challenges of changing perceptions around participation, we know it can be expensive to join clubs, buy specialist equipment and develop as a martial artist.

Our Work

We work in the public domain as well as with instructors, to develop positive attitudes toward self defence. Our Fighting Chance Charitable Foundation then goes a step further to ensure all martial arts in the UK are as accessible, professional and safe as possible.


We continue to promote practical, reality based self defence training to as many stakeholders, participants, schools and clubs as possible.