We have a rich heritage of more than 8 years working hand in hand with clubs and senseis, to help them develop safer, more professional and ultimately larger clubs.

We do this through a range of services, resources, tools, licensing provisions and insurances all combined into a single membership.

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The martial arts industry is built on reputation and time, so ‘breaking in’ has taken quite some time. Combine the economics of volume with the often controlling nature of well established alternative NGBs alongside hundreds of other associations and it’s easy to see how challenging being a leading governing martial arts body really is.


We continue to work tirelessly to develop the best membership tools, the most affordable insurances, the most comprehensive guidances and the most innovative programmes for our clubs and instructors’ benefits.

That’s why we’re a multi-award winning governing body with tens of thousands of members and followers. We remain committed to being transparent, ethical and politics free.

Explore The BMABA As An Instructor