We support more than 100,000 people every year in martial arts.


As a supporting body, we regulate clubs, support their growth, promote grassroots participation and provide safeguarding oversight to thousands. Self-started, self-funded and multi-award winning.

The BMABA Is A Professional, Independent Grassroots Martial Arts Association

We represent and support martial arts clubs and participants across more than one hundred and fifty disciplines and styles. Now with membership in excess of 60,000 covering the whole of the United Kingdom, our multi-award winning association is recognised as one of the leading bodies for professional standards, promotion of grass roots participation and charitable engagement through martial arts.

We promote, regulate and develop the UK martial arts industry as a supporting body.

4 Key Things We Excel At

  • Helping Clubs Grow & Succeed

    We work with clubs and instructors to produce safe, professional and profitable martial arts clubs.

  • We Set & Regulate Standards

    We effectively set and regulate best practice and professional standards for thousands of coaches.

  • We Change Lives Through Martial Arts

    Our charitable foundation promotes grass roots participation and a number of specific charitable programmes.

  • We Are Changing The UK Martial Arts Industry

    By innovation and a modern approach to governance, we’re improving the fundamentals of martial arts.

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Since 2012 we’ve grown to represent more than 60,000 members from more than one hundred and fifty disciplines and styles in the United Kingdom. We help clubs grow, keep students safe and we promote self defence skills for everyone. Our disruptive model founded by the now award-winning social entrepreneur Giovanni Soffietto is reshaping the martial arts industry, and our charitable work with martial arts is second to none.

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