This record is designed to help the public capture a snapshot of this instructor’s current membership and professional criteria.

It’s important to understand what pieces of evidence instructors are required to hold and which pieces they are required to prove to us. We provide full guidance and assistance making sense of this information as well as guidance with any further queries or concerns through the menu on the left.

Membership Expiry Date:



An instructor should not be presenting BMABA certification if the membership expiry point has been breached. If you believe this to be happening, please report this here without delay.

Who Is This Instructor?

Instructor Registered Name: Aaron Blake

Club Name: Union Karate Do

Instructor Membership No.: 36937

Address Status: VERIFIED

Identity Status: VERIFIED

Instructor’s aren’t obliged to confirm their identity or registered address. If this shows as non-verified above, it means we haven’t yet been presented with a copy of acceptable proof of address and/or proof of identity.

Membership Details

Instructor Registration Number: 36937

First Joined Us: 2018-07-25

Membership Expiry: 2025-07-25

Licensed To Teach In:



Grades Or Qualifications Held:

3rd Dan

It’s important to remember that whilst every care is taken to ensure the styles and grades held above have been vetted against grades or assessment standards, it’s important to understand there is no set standard or set authority for the regulation of grades in the UK. BMABA instructors should not be teaching disciplines outside of the scope specified above. If you believe this to be the case, or if you have concerns about an instructor’s ability to teach a listed style, please raise this with us for investigation.

Insurance Status


If verified, key details are shown below;

Insurer: BMABA Group
Valid From: 2024-07-25
Expiry: 2025-07-25
Public Liability Amount: £5,000,000
Professional Indemnity Amount: £1,000,000

No instructor should be teaching without active instructor insurance in place. Instructor’s are not obliged to demonstrate their instructor insurance with us until they are actively engaged in our core programmes, so a non-verified status above does not confirm they are not insured, just that we are yet to receive proof of cover. If you believe they are teaching without cover in place, or if on request they refuse to demonstrate proof of insurance, please report them to us.





If verified, key details are shown below;

DBS Check Type: Enhanced
DBS Date Of Issue: 2022-10-28
DBS Valid To: 2025-10-28
Issued By: BMABA

Safeguarding Training Expiry: 2026-02-19
Safeguarding Valid From: 2024-02-19
Safeguarding Training Provider: BMABA
Safeguarding Qualification: Child & Adult Safeguarding Qualification

IMPORTANT: An enhanced DBS check and a relevant safeguarding qualification forms part of our mandatory requirements for all instructors working with anyone under the age of 18, or any adults at risk. Instructors working exclusively with adults only are not required to present any of these checks. A DBS or Safeguarding qualification not marked as confirmed when an instructor is working with children or adults at risk (AAR) does not necessarily mean it is not in place, but it does confirm we have not been able to verify the documents’ existence. If you believe an instructor is teaching children or adults at risk without an enhanced DBS check or a safeguarding qualification, please report it to us without delay.

First Aid Status


If verified, key details are shown below;

First Aid Qualification: Martial Arts First Aid
Valid From: 2024-02-07
Expiry: 2026-02-07
Training Provider: BMABA

IMPORTANT: All instructors must have valid first aid training in place to teach martial arts. They are not obliged to demonstrate proof to us, but this does not negate their requirement to hold it. If you believe an instructor is teaching without first aid training in place, please report it to us straight away.

If you have concerns about this instructor or should you need to raise a complaint regarding safeguarding, conduct or coaching standards a confidential reporting process exists. Learn more and raise a complaint. 

  • Important Disclaimer

    Accuracy & Function Disclaimer:

    The BMABA takes every care and precaution to ensure the information confirmed on this record is up to date and accurate to the best of our abilities. That said, we are not a legal authority and have no jurisdiction to force clubs or clubs to present information for verification. Furthermore, we can make no warranty, promise or guarantees regarding any of the information presented – even if marked as confirmed or verified. All evidence marked as such has been assessed and updated with best intention but as we do not have the means to background check every document issued, it must be accepted as guidance only. You must always take reasonable steps to satisfy yourself that an instructor is safe, licensed and properly qualified to teach. If you leave your child with an instructor, you should also take steps to ensure they are effectively safeguarded. We can help steer you on key questions and requirements via our student portal.