• Thank you for opting to raise a concern or complaint regarding a BMABA instructor with us.

    Every complaint or concern is taken seriously, treated in confidence and acted upon by our trained Safeguarding Officers.

  • We need to know who you are, so we can log this accordingly. Any personal information is always treated in the utmost confidence.
  • By default, we will always respond to you via e-mail. This allows us to investigate your concerns and offer an in-depth, written response in due course.
  • Who is the complaint regarding?

    Remember, we can only take action when your complaint is about somebody is currently registered as an instructor with our association. If you're not sure if they are or not, please raise the complaint anyway and we will investigate accordingly.

    Please do bear in mind that we have no legal authority over any registered members. Whilst we will always take robust action to investigate concerns and will follow a detailed escalation process up to and including both ejection from the association and onward referral to the local area designated officer and/or police, we have no legal jurisdiction over the club or instructor specifically.

  • Please use our records to find the full name or the registered membership number of the person you wish to raise a concern over. If you have not already done so, please click here to search our records for the full name or instructor number of the person you wish to report.

  • Your Complaint Or Concern

    Please remember that your complaint is always treated in confidence and handled securely by our qualified safeguarding team.To be effective and robust in our response, we need as much detail as possible to help build an idea of the concern or complaint to hand. If you can't or won't provide full details, it can often impede or entirely jeapordise our ability to take action.
  • We have to deal with dozens of frivolous complaints that arise from other local instructors or clubs who fall out with an instructor or don't want the competition on their doorstep. Unfortunately, this is tough. If your complaint is unfounded or commercially motivated, it will not be upheld and you may be banned from using BMABA services in the future. Please ensure any complaints raised are genuinely warranted and truthful.

    If you believe the safety of yourself or another person may be in imminent danger, please call 999 and ask for the police. Please do not delay in reporting your concerns to the police if you have reason to believe a serious safeguarding issue has occurred. You should always report your concerns, even if you're not sure if it's founded.

    You may still report a concern to us, but if police action is on-going, we will likely need to await this to finish first.

  • This reporting tool is designed to allow members of the public the opportunity to report an instructor who is currently aligned or registered with the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association on the basis of poor conduct, lack of professionalism, health and safety concerns or safeguarding matters. Depending on the nature of your allegation, it may not be possible to keep you abreast of all developments and any outcomes but our safeguarding officer will discuss this with you. Please be aware that we have a legal obligation to escalate some complaints to relevant authorities - such as the police, local councils or child protection services. We will need to pass over relevant information which may include who you are if requested by a police officer or LADO. You must therefore give your permission for us to make an onward referral to our safeguarding team and/or consultancy as well as any statutory authorities as required. Making a complaint is a serious step to take and could have huge ramifications on an instructor's career and/or personal life. You should not hesitate to do so if you have a genuine concern, but this tool must not be used for grudges, competitive qualms or any other frivolous matters.
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