We Promote Grass Roots Martial Arts Participation


As many who practice martial arts will tell you, it has a superb ability to help you get fit, feel empowered, learn self defence, meet new people, develop self confidence, refine self discipline and more.


You may be surprised to learn that there are currently more than 180 different disciplines, styles and substyles in the United Kingdom. We work with more than 150 disciplines and styles to promote grass roots participation.


What’s grass roots?


Grass Roots refers to you. It’s about getting people of all ages, backgrounds, genders and experiences into the dojos, halls, gyms and academies to learn martial arts.


We believe martial arts as a collective – if properly documented – could constitute one of the biggest sports sectors in the United Kingdom and we firmly believe there’s a style out there for everyone.


Martial Arts are still greatly misunderstood. Ask anybody who works with our Operations Team and they’ll tell you – you mention working in the industry and people instantly envision you standing, one legged, on a fence whilst humming a mantra.


It’s simply not the way it is, and public perception needs to chance.


We think the martial arts industry has remained broadly unchanged and insular for many decades and in our opinion this has really hindered wider engagement with the public.


With more and more people embracing what was once ‘alternative’ forms of fitness and well being (such as meditation and yoga) more participants are turning to martial arts – modern and traditional – for exercise and recreation.

What We're Doing

As an association, we’ve been working hard to increase the visibility of good, safe, professional martial arts training and help more people get onto the mats and see the difference it can make to your life.


We’re working with clubs and coaches to develop sound safeguarding principles, professional coaching qualifications and accountable regulation aimed at making participation more safe and enjoyable than ever. We’re also working directly with parents, participants, schools and councils to promote the benefits of martial arts and to try and help with the ‘off the mat’ questions that often arise.