Carbon-Neutral Martial Arts

We are proud to be the UK’s first Martial Arts Association to commit to being completely Carbon Neutral.

We believe the natural world in which we live is intrinsically linked to the martial arts we love and cherish. So many elements from so many disciplines of martial art incorporate nature, the earth or ‘Qi’ (universal energy) and yet that very same environment is under sustained, immediate threat. To afford generations to come the opportunity to enjoy martial arts as we do today that simply must change.

With this in mind, whilst in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 we committed to substantial changes in the way we trade, operate and grow. Clearly becoming completely carbon-neutral and eco-aware during the worst economic downturn in 600 years has led the association to incur considerable relevate costs. Whilst unfortunate for us, the immediate reversal of the damage our trade might do to the world we have inherited is much more pressing.

With this in mind, with immediate effect;

  • 100% Carbon-Offsetting
    Effective from September 1st 2020, BMABA and it's full group of associated social enterprises will offset 100% of any outstanding carbon emissions on an annual basis, with a certified donation to the Carbon Trust.
  • Tree Planting Programme
    On every anniversary of the BMABA (September) we will plant trees right here in the UK to the equivalent value of carbon emissions generated in that same year.
  • Recycled Consumables
    We are switching the association's consumables (such as inks, paper, packaging and so on) to recycled or recyclable sources.
  • Eco-Packaging
    From September 1st 2020 all packaging used across the BMABA group for documents, certificates and other stock will be eco-friendly and recycled.
  • Eco-Aware Merchandise
    We're pledging to ensure as much merchandise as possible is partially or fully recycled. Wherever that's not possible, we will offset in full the representative 'carbon-cost' of those materials.
  • Eco-Friendly Energy
    From April 2019 BMABA moved to sustainable energy for our offices and premises, to ensure BMABA's corporate footprint in terms of energy consumption is as eco-friendly as possible.
  • Net-Zero Web Hosting
    As you may have guessed from our extensive websites, we're tech-savvy. With this in mind we're moving all of our web systems and hosting to eco-friendly web hosting services that offset emissions or use renewable energy only for the cooling of their systems and servers.
  • 100% Staff Travel Offset
    We're offsetting 100% of the carbon footprint and emissions our staff generate commuting to and from our office. This includes incentivising work from home when possible and encouraging greener modes of transport.
  • Vegetarian & Organic Food And Drink Only
    Our office policy ensures BMABA only provides its staff with vegetarian and organic food and drink throughout its office. This includes everything from ensuring alternatives (such as oatmilk) is available for tea and coffee through to opting for unbleached tag bags in the cupboard.
  • Full Recycling Programme
    We will ensure as little waste as possible for landfills by providing full recycling for card, paper, foods and other materials in the office to reduce the amount of rubbish going straight into bin bags.

In 2021 we will take this programme further, opening the door to our member clubs offsetting their club’s emissions and carbon footprint too through an easy to operate contribution scheme.

This is an entirely self-funded scheme with no financial rewards, incentives or support from third parties. We believe in providing martial arts for generations to come, and feel this is an essential part of that process.

The entire programme will be met at our cost and will not be passed onto our members. LEARN MORE

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