This is one of dozens of resources, tools, licensing provisions, insurances, community features and more available exclusively to our members as an inclusive part of their annual BMABA membership.

Making sure you issue your students with recognised and professional grading certificates can be an important requirement for both your club as a business, and as a place where genuine martial arts experiences occur.

We’ve all been there. You spend months putting the hard work into learning the next kata, training that roundhouse kick to perfection – all to find a grading certificate that looks like it’s come from a generic Microsoft Word template.It doesn’t instill confidence in your students, can undermine their achievement and often paints a very unprofessional picture of your club – especially with parents.

No matter how good your instruction is; if the overall club appearance doesn’t stack up you risk undermining all of your hard work.

We understand this. As an association, the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) is proud to allow our members access to a growing range of professionally designed, expertly inspired martial arts certificates. These certificates can be printed by you and completed at leisure, or we can professionally fill, print and stamp them for you.

All stock certificates are kept deliberately free from branding to the extent where your club’s presence is not belittled, but carries enough insignia of a leading governing body to show that the certificates being issued at worth their weight, too.

If you’re registered with our free Grading Integrity Scheme, which works to create a minimum standard of excellence across martial arts gradings nationally, all certificates issued by you at club level will automatically be recognised by our association.

We can also provide an affordable, professional design and/or print service for certification. This allows you to obtain a bespoke, unique set of branded grading certificates for your club at a set one-time fee. We can also provide professional printing of either our stock designs, or your own, inclusive with foils, stamps, embossing and other fantastic features.

Customise Yourself, For Free

Our new generation of grading certificates allow our clubs to download and edit designs yourself, in-house. No paying anyone to edit for you, and no trying to write over the designs by hand. Edit with any fonts, names and designs you please with our exclusive designs.