This is one of dozens of resources, tools, licensing, insurance provisions and guidance articles all included with BMABA membership at no extra charge.

We hold all BMABA instructors and coaches to the highest possible standards. There is no second-best; BMABA teaching staff are renowned as some of the most competently qualified and fully vetted professionals in the martial arts industry.

To help you remain as professional and competent as possible, in addition to our free instructor qualifications and club management articles, we provide comprehensive guidelines, regulations and best practice. It’s applicable to all clubs, and ensures the methodology and guidelines you’re following are synchronized with thousands of other clubs of all styles.

Our best practice covers all areas of club management – from safeguarding and health & safety through to data protection and equality & diversity. It will provide you with the guidelines, best practice advice and compulsory regulations to ensure you don’t need to spend hundreds of hours a year researching law, regulation and legislation. We do this for you, using our membership with the Sport & Recreation Alliance (among others) and pass this onto you through our policy.

This is just one of hundreds of resources, tools, licensing and insurance provisions available through our all-inclusive BMABA memberships.

“I would like to thank everyone on the BMABA Team that has helped me during my time with what can only be described as the best Martial Arts Association I have ever belonged to and I am proud to be one of its first members. Giovanni, you are an inspiration and entrepreneur for those that embrace a politics-free association, professionally run and a shining example for the rest. Keep up the good work – the recognition is already there and I suspect it will continue. The BMABA is the association that I had hoped and dreamed about to allow me to start teaching self defence with the support and advice I needed, but without the politics and interference I wished to avoid.”

Jonathan Davis
Pure Self Defence
Ali Hasanzade

“Someone has answered my gentle prayers and FINALLY designed an organisation that will leave you stress-free in the world of MARTIAL ARTS 🙂

I am so excited to leave my recommendation because words cannot describe how much BMABA means to me and how it has changed everything in my organisation for the better. They are literally representing what we are about here at British MMA in West London, Brentford. We go by ‘Traditional Values with a Modern Approach’. They are so much more and you can take it from me – you’ll never find any other organisation or company doing GREATER things than this team BMABA. For all those who are still traditional and thinking old ways of not changing things around in case there are some concerns. Give me a call from our website or facebook page and I will personally give you a recommendation in why you should change and revamp everything in your club or as an instructor with the BRITISH MARTIAL ARTS & BOXING ASSOCIATION.

Ali Hasanzade
British MMA


We’ve featured in newspapers and radio, have won various external accolades and continue to work with a number of high-profile charities and organisations. 

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