This is one of dozens of membership features and tools reserved exclusively for BMABA instructors.

BMABA Accreditation & Membership Marks

Being able to demonstrate to the public that you take your responsibilities seriously is really important. One of the major benefits of joining a leading martial arts association, such as the BMABA, is to be affiliated to a higher body that can oversee your conduct and regulation.

If you take the time and effort to join our organisation as a premium member you should be able to show this off to the public. To help you do that, we give all of our members access to a range of certified membership logos and quality marks that can be used freely on publications, websites, clothing, certificates and more, to show you’re affiliated to a UK supporting organisation.

Our exceptional crest and logo denote quality, and through our secure instructor’s hub you can download high resolution copies to use as required.

Available From Our Exclusive Member's Area

Exclusively for BMABA instructors and volunteers, MyBMABA is the absolute cutting-edge association member's portal. Access articles, content, guidance, tools, insurance, licensing, a community and more online. 24/7 from any device - it's included in every membership. We're also unveiling new features all the time, such as vlogs, blogs, podcasts and so much more.

Your Membership Fees Are Not Being Spent On Fancy Perks For Fat Cat Directors.

It’s helping us change lives through our charitable foundation, and ensures a legacy of safer martial arts for generations to come.

We know so many martial arts organisations claim to be ‘Not For Profit’ but unless they’re a registered charity, they’re not. It’s as simple as that. We’re a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation with the Charity Commission, so we’re legally and ethically bound to provide a charitable purpose. What’s more, we’re bloody proud of our foundation’s work using martial arts to change the lives of society’s most disadvantaged.

See where your membership fees are spent, and find out why we’re so proud to be transparent.