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Concussion & Head Injury Management In Martial Arts (CHIMA)

The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) has developed a pioneering online course specifically designed for UK martial arts instructors, focusing on the crucial aspects of head injuries and concussion. This comprehensive training program aims to equip martial arts instructors and volunteers with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify, manage, and prevent head injuries in their practice. By delving into the latest research and best practices in sports safety, the course covers a wide range of topics, including the mechanisms of head injuries, symptoms of concussion, immediate and follow-up care, and strategies for concussion prevention. The course is structured to enhance the instructor’s ability to make informed decisions when faced with potential head injuries, emphasising the importance of safety in contact training.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, the BMABA course incorporates practical guidance on creating a safer training environment. It guides instructors on how to implement effective risk management strategies, adapt training methods to minimise the risk of head injuries, and educate students on the importance of protective gear and safe sparring techniques. The course also addresses the legal and ethical responsibilities of martial arts instructors in the UK, ensuring they understand their role in safeguarding students’ health and wellbeing. By completing this course, martial arts instructors will not only improve their competence in managing head injuries but also contribute to the broader effort of making martial arts training safer and more enjoyable for participants of all ages and skill levels.

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