BMABA Club Colours

UK Martial Arts’ Most Comprehensive Level Of Vetting And Award.

BMABA Club Colours is the UK Martial Arts’ highest level of accreditation in terms of vetting and regulation. Accordingly, it is an accolade like none other and clubs who have attained ‘the Colours’ receive recognition from inside-of-industry and out-of-industry names alike.

The Colours came about following more than three years work by the team at BMABA behind the scenes. We undertook checks and balances for qualifications, governance, regulation and vetting to ensure that the BMABA Club Colours Award could be unveiled in May 2022, as part of our 10 year anniversary celebrations.

This Gold Standard in martial arts licencing ensures a comprehensive set of vetting checks are undertaken and completed for everyone involved with the running on your club. Once complete, the award allows you to demonstrate to the wider public an unmatched level of attainment. As an Association, we can also provide you with rewards and benefits not usually available to the wider membership base.

Club Colours is completely free and doesn’t require any unnecessary or extraneous checks. It also comes with external recognition and a number of benefits. Learn more about the benefits and features below.

4 Reasons Our Club Colours Will Help Your Club

Automatic Award Of The Safeguarding Code In Martial Arts

We have worked tirelessly to ensure that the safeguarding aspects of the Club Colours Award match the standards required within the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts. Over the last 3 years we have worked with the Safeguarding Code team to ensure that this National Lottery funded project (guided by Sport England) can automatically accept any BMABA Club Colours awarded clubs who apply without needing to complete the usual application process.
BMABA’s compliance unit are now able to offer you an automatic Safeguarding Code certification upon successful completion of the Club Colours Award. You will receive a personalised certificate and access to the Safeguarding Code logo for use in your marketing with permissions that run alongside your BMABA Club Colours Licence.

Best In Class Martial Arts Certification

All of our Club Colours receive certification and documentation to confirm their School of Excellence status along with passmarks which can be used to demonstrate their achievement. This ensures your club stands apart from the McDojos and Franchises in your area and helps parents understand the emphasis you place on best practice and the best available safeguarding.

Free Qualification 

The Club Colours process includes a free Club Colours Qualification for the lead instructor, covering everything from safeguarding and safety through to cashflow and marketing. It also includes all of the club policies and template documents needed to gain the Club Colours Award.

Access to Exclusive Content & Pricing

The superb standards represented by those who hold the Club Colours means we’re happy to pass on a range of discounts and benefits to incentivise on-going involvement. This includes discounted insurances, access to exclusive membership features, the ability to be involved in our Fighting Chance Foundations’ funded programmes and lots more.

Publicly Searchable Records

As part of the Club Colours award requires on-going monitoring of all associated instructor’s credentials, we’ll provide a publicly searchable register you can use to show on-going checking in realtime to schools, parents and students. There’s no other martial arts association in the UK who can provide this type of realtime checking across your entire team.

Our Club Colours Is Completely Free Of Charge

We provide access to the Club Colours Qualification, the award, licencing, support and all of the associated benefits, including registration with or renewal of the Safeguarding Code, completely free of charge.