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Introducing WordPressByBMABA, a groundbreaking platform tailored for just for martial arts clubs. This free hosting solution is designed to empower martial arts instructors and club owners by providing an array of customisable, user-friendly features to create the most engaging and functional websites.

By choosing WordPressByBMABA, users unlock the potential of a platform renowned for its flexibility, security, and extensive plugin options, ensuring that each martial arts club can not only showcase its uniqueness but also connect with the community, attract new members, and streamline operations. By utilising this innovative service, martial arts clubs are poised to elevate their online presence and foster growth, all without compromising on quality or budget.

This service is included free of charge to all BMABA instructors & clubs. Existing Member? Click Here.

WordPressByBMABA is a completely free – yet heavyweight offering – catering to martial arts clubs of all sizes and disciplines.

Whether you’re managing a small, local dojo or overseeing a large, multi-disciplinary training academy, the platform’s scalability and wide array of features are tailored to meet diverse needs. Small clubs can benefit from its user-friendly interface and our pre-bundled premium themes and plugins, easily creating a strong online presence without a huge investment of time or money. Meanwhile, larger organisations can exploit its advanced functionalities and customisation options to manage multifaceted operations and foster community engagement efficiently.

The platform’s adaptability ensures that every club, regardless of its size, can carve its niche, enhance its digital footprint, and connect with both current members and prospective enthusiasts effectively.

WordpressByBMABA is an exclusive service, available only to our esteemed members. To gain access to this incredible website building platform and start crafting your ideal martial arts club website, please join us today!

10 Reasons to Try WordPressByBMABA

  • FREE!: WordpressByBMABA offers a free hosting service, allowing martial arts clubs to establish an online presence without spending a penny.
  • Scalability: The platform is suitable for both small local dojos and large multi-disciplinary academies, offering scalable solutions that grow with your club.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, managing and updating your website becomes a straightforward task, even for those with limited technical knowledge.
  • Customisation Options: A myriad of themes and plugins are available, enabling clubs to create a unique and personalised website that reflects their ethos and brand. We even bundle in dozens of premium plugins and themes, worth thousands.
  • Community Engagement: Utilise built-in features to foster a sense of community, connect with members, share updates, and promote events easily.
  • Enhanced Security: Benefit from robust security features to protect sensitive data and ensure the safety of your online platform.
  • SEO Optimisation: Optimised for search engines, WordpressByBMABA helps improve your website’s visibility, driving more traffic and potential members your way.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure that your website looks and performs well on all devices, providing a seamless experience for visitors regardless of how they access your site.
  • E-Commerce Capabilities: Explore e-commerce options to facilitate online payments, sell merchandise, or offer paid memberships and courses.
  • Dedicated Support: Access dedicated support and resources to help you navigate any challenges and make the most out of your martial arts club website.

See For Yourself What’s Possible

Each of the below sites can be yours with a single one-click install. No setup, no cost. You’ll be free to edit and make it your own.

You’re In Complete Control

This isn’t some hased attempt at hosting with back and forth word documents and so on. You’re in full control. You’ll have a full WordPress website you can entirely manage yourself, including a custom dashboard which puts you fully in the driver seat of your site. It’s your website, your content, your data. Simpe.

Beautifully Responsive

More than ever your students will find you by phone. WordPress is always responsive, meaning you’ll always have a website that looks absolutely stunning even when it’s viewed by your students and parents on the move.

Club Manager Built-In

We’ve baked in ClubManager by BMABA – our industry leading club management software. It’s available to run either as purely just a club management system, or as a compliment to your club website. No cost, and no install – it’s free for all clubs for up to 16 members, so you can try it and use it without obligation.

Access Dozens Of Included Premium Plugins And Themes, Completely Free Of Charge

*Some plugins and themes are reserved for Silver and Gold members. Please check with the team if there is any specific plugins required.

Questions & Answers

We provide our Bronze, Silver and Gold members different hosting provisions as part of membership;



Free to all BMABA clubs. Access everything you need to run a professional, awesome website. Use our free out of the box template, and enjoy up to 500 unique monthly visitors on your site. Plenty to get a small club off the ground.

Key Features;
> Up to 750 Unique Monthly Visitors
> 1x Administrator Account
> Upto 75x User Accounts
> 1000MB Disk Space


A well rounded, heavy-weight option for clubs wanting to make a real impact online. Access everything you need for your club to thrive online. Free to Silver & Gold Members. Don’t forget your discount code!

Key Features;
> Up to 2,500 Unique Monthly Visitors
> 1x Administrator Account
> Upto 250x User Accounts
> 2.5GB Disk Space


The heavy-weight package, suitable for small, medium and mega sized clubs wanting to conquer the martial arts world online. Perfect for communities, sites, shops, member’s areas and more. Free to Gold Members. Don’t forget your discount code!

Key Features;
> Up To 5 Websites!
> Your Own Domain (i.e:
> Up to 15,000 Unique Monthly Visitors
> 5x Administrator Account
> Upto 1,500x User Accounts
> 5GB Disk Space
> All Premium Themes & Templates
> All Premium Plugins

All of our sites are hosted via WPMU 32GB memory dedicated memory, 6vCPU, enterprise level specialist managed wordpress hosting servers. This includes built in caching and a top-tier content delivery network (CDN). It’s built to be truly scalable, and to handle the best-in-class security, SEO, speed-load and other associated WordPress specialist functionality.

Wordpress is only really limited to your imagination! You’ll have a fully active WordPress website hosted on some of the best servers available.

For the more tech-savvy, there are few things we can’t allow;

  • Custom plugins and themes, give or take.
    We’ll review requests on a take by take basis. If you have premium licenced themes or plugins, we can consider activating them on review but it’s something we can’t promise – so please check first!
  • SFTP Access
    We can’t provide SFTP or CPANEL access, unfortunately. Any development work etc needs to be done within the admin area. We can make some tweaks our end if needed, but it’s not something we can promise.
  • Site Imports/Exports
    We can’t make any offer around imports or exports of WordPress sites. Once the site is on our server, we can’t provide any guarantee of the ability to remove the site from our server.

We’re constantly adding dozens of premium plugins onto the platform completely free of charge. Which plugins are available depends based on Bronze, Silver or Gold plans. As an example, some of the universally available plugins include BBPress, Buddyboss and WooCommerce. We then provision plugins like ElementorPRO for Gold Members. WP Bakery Builder is available to Silver and Gold, and we have plenty other plugins there and in between.

Still got questions? Hop onto chat and we’ll do our best to answer them for you.

There isn’t any other martial arts association in the UK that can offer this level of hosting and site design power in one place.

Activate immediately upon your membership going live, and have your site live before your next class.