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software to your club.

Technology is shaping the modern world more than ever and that includes the way your martial arts club finds new members and retains existing students.

BMABA not only helps you navigate this fast-changing world, but we also provide access to cutting edge technology that on its own can cost thousands. Best of all, it’s usually wrapped up in your membership fee so it’s on hand to take your club forwards whenever you need it, without cost.

Whether you’re a self-professed technophobe who’s looking for basic software to launch a simple website through to a modern entrepreneur who wants to run a power-house digital dojo, you’ll not only find the tech with BMABA but the industry experts to support you.

BMABA Membership includes free access to;
  • Wordpress Websites
  • Club Management Software
  • Analytics & Web Tracking
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Forms & Data Collection
  • AI & Content Creation
  • Budgeting & Finance
  • Drag & Drop Site Builder
  • Cyber Toolkit
  • Domains, E-Mail & Hosting
  • Design & Marketing Software
  • Plus More!

Our flagship WordPressbyBMABA service provides access to the very latest technology for clubs that want to build something special.

WordPress is trusted website creation software used by millions, including big names such as the BBC. Our special system allows you to easily setup a free WordPress website with dozens of pre-created template websites ready to go with a single click of a button. Support, plugins, themes and loads more are all included, along with rapid hosting and secure back ups. Worth more than £240 – it’s free for all our members.

Free Club Management Software

ClubManager by BMABA is an award-winning platform that provides clubs with absolutely everything needed to thrive – from attendance and grade tracking through to student management, medical information, student portal, member’s only content, online payments and so much more.

Building A Club Website

One of the most crucial tools for any club is an online presence. Whether that’s via our drag and drop, code-free and easy to use BuildByBMABA (perfect for those looking for a simple website, especially if you have no design experience) or something much more advanced (like our WordPress offering) – we’ve got it covered. Simple informative websites that look great on any device through to e-commerce setups that can take payments, track attendance and everything in between. Best of all, your club website is free with your BMABA membership, and always will be.

Secure, Martial Arts E-Mail

No more unprofessional gmail accounts. Access enterprise level secure webmail based on your club’s domain (i.e: you@yourclub.com). Share and store files, chat with your other instructors and team members, and keep your emails with you on the move.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the art of ensuring your website is top of Google when somebody searches for martial arts in your area. It’s a massive subject which usually carries huge costs for third party SEO agencies. That’s where we can help. Our SEO platform allows you to easily monitor traffic, analyse and review content for SEO scoring, monitor in real-time visitors on your site and what they do, and access dozens of associated SEO tools. All in one place, and all free.

Manage Your Club

Our bespoke club management software can help you run your club, no matter how big or small it is. From grade and attendance tracking to payments, registrations and student profiles – even inclusive of a student dashboard – the BMABA club manager is the tool for you.

Improving Sign-Ups With Analytics

Knowing who finds your site, how they come to you, what they do when they’re on your website and what makes them sign up (or not) is crucial. Welcome to analytics. Being a member of BMABA provides access to our Website Analytics platform – a system that makes it painfully easy to get all of the crucial metrics any club website administrator needs, 24/7.

Collecting Data Securely

Regardless of the software you’re currently using, FormsbyBMABA makes it easy to setup easy to use and stunning-looking web forms for every occasion. Contact forms, registration forms, surveys – easily craft the perfect form using a drag and drop interface. You can then embed it straight to your website, or link to it on our hosted service.

Marketing & Design Suite

Access an exclusive set of online applications, free with your BMABA membership, to help you take care of every digital task. From flyers and poster design to custom certificates and more. Logo creators, image editors, ad creators and additional functionality. It’s all set, and ready to go.

Plus So Much More

Exclusive to BMABA. Inclusive with membership.