Martial Arts Club Management Software

Featuring a 100% free forever, all featured unlocked option.

We provide completely free and unlimited access to Club Manager by BMABA to all clubs of up to 16 students in size. Thereafter, we offer vast discounts on the non-BMABA price, making it as close to free as possible and substantially less than the competition.

We’ve been helping martial arts clubs of all sizes and styles grow since 2012.

As a technology-first martial arts association, we appreciate the huge role our own modern systems, websites and digital infrastructure have played in transforming us from a £20 start up in 2012 to a now multi-award winning association with tens of thousands of members. We’re serious about helping our clubs do the same and that’s why we’re so proud to provide leading club management software to every member of our association, big and small.

We’re proud to be the first association of our kind to provide software like this completely free of charge for any club with up to 16 active students, to help support start-ups and small clubs.

What’s Included?
  • Front-End Class Scheduling & Booking
  • Grade & Attendance Tracking
  • Online payments
  • Membership and access management
  • News and blog
  • Full website and CMS
  • Runs on Wordpress, on any site
  • Self-managed student billing platform
  • Plus lots more

What's The Real Cost To My Club?

We know often software for martial arts clubs is advertised as free of charge but is far from it in reality. Here’s confirmation of our pricing;

Setup Fees: £0.00
Hosting Fees: £0.00*
Transaction Fees: 0%**
Classes Allowed: Unlimited
Belts & Ranks: Unlimited
Features: Always All Unlocked

Subscription Fees

Up to 16 Students: £0, forever.

17+ Students: From £4.49, cancel anytime.

*We don’t charge a penny to host the plugin, and we offer free WordPress platforms with the software pre-installed too. We can’t speak for any other web hosts however!

** We don’t charge a penny in transaction fees and if you use a free payment gateway (such as BACS or cash on the night) it will be 100% free forever. If you choose other payment gateways – such as Stripe or PayPal, you need to refer to their standard pricing. We don’t charge anything at all.

Key Features & Functionality

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Front End Website

Our club management software is a WordPress plugin, meaning it can ‘plug and go’ with any existing WordPress website. This amazing feature enables you to have a beautiful, easy to use front end website with a seamless integration with our management platform. Don’t want that? No problem, you can make it the management platform only with a single click.

Member’s Only Content

Easily create members only content, and set permissions to easily control which membership level can access it. You can make it exclusively available to very specific groups – perhaps VIP members, or Black Belts only – or you can open it up to everyone registered with your school. The perfect way to share articles, content and news.

Blog & News

Because our management plugin works on WordPress, creating a visually stunning front-end Blog that’s captivating for members and prospective members alike is simple and super-fast.

Student Management System

The core aspect of our student management system includes a dashboard and user system that helps track attendance, groups, lessons, student details and more. You can log and setup classes, see who’s attending and more all from the student management system.

Professional Shop

Accept payments for physical or virtual goods, as well as subscriptions, via the mandatory payment plugin; WooCommerce. Add, edit and promote unlimited products and goods, with integrated memberships also possible. Access coupons, promotional banners, reports, customer management and in-depth product management all from your very own response web shop. There’s zero cost to the e-commerce plugin.

Flexible Payments & Subscriptions

Integrate any payment provider of choice – Stripe, PayPal, Worldpay – and so on. You can even accept cash on the door or BACS transfers! For recurring automated payments, we support PayPal and Stripe.

Front End Class Booking

Accept new members signing up for taster sessions through a front-end facing web calendar on your website, and allow existing paid up members the opportunity to book onto available classes directly from the student dashboard. You can show availability, remaining places and class details to your students before booking, and once booked on both you and they will be able to see their classes on the student dashboard and the class roster.

Attendance Tracking

As the saying goes, ‘data is king’ and understanding attendance throughout your different classes and days is crucial. Our management system makes attendance tracking super-simple. You can decide whether to, by default, log somebody as present or absent. Thereafter, there’s a clean, easy to use dashboard with simple toggles for you to easily manage attendance in one place.

Membership Management

Possibly one of the most important features for many clubs is membership management. The ability to see all of your students in one place with a simple overview that outlines who’s active, attendance, remaining classes and so on with a full profile behind that which will confirm date of birth, classes, metrics and other core details.

Instructor & Student Dashboards

Access key metrics you need to understand your club’s current position from the instructor dashboard. Likewise, students can see an overview of their membership and activity, as well as a class scheduler direct from their secure dashboard.

Easy, Stunning Grade Progression

We know a massive issue for clubs is grade progression. Our software allows you to build a completely unlimited number of custom belt schedules, and assign them to individual lessons or styles. You set the attendance needed to be considered ready to grade, and our software tracks it for you. You’ll see progression in real-time via an easy to read grade dashboard. We even flag those eligible to progress on the homepage, too. You can increase or decrease time required at any time to fine-tune student performance.

Timetables & Scheduling

Offer easy to use class schedules which parents and students will love. View by month, week, day or list. Clicking on a class shows the number of remaining places, as well as details of the class itself. Student can book on with just a single click, and instructors can see who’s scheduled to attend, too.

You DON’T have to be a BMABA member to use our management platform.

It’s readily available on a pay monthly, cancel any time subscription for any martial arts club, worldwide.

Our software is feature rich, enterprise-ready, secure and very flexible to enable it to cater to the thousands of clubs we have big and small. It can absolutely help you modernise your club’s operations, accept online payments, provide students with a way to book onto classes online and so on. We’ll also provide community support and tutorials to help you get setup and accepting payments online.

We won’t be beaten on price. 

There’s zero sign up costs, and it’s free forever for any club with no more than 16 active students.

Fancy a decent discount?

We offer substantial discounts for BMABA members – up to 75% off the total fee payable.

Bronze Members: 25% Discount
Silver Members: 50% Discount
Gold Members: 75% Discount

You are most welcome to give the software a try, before joining BMABA, as it’s free forever for up to 16 students. If you like it, it’s worth joining BMABA to access the substantial savings!

Not got a WordPress website?

We can help, for free.

WordpressbyBMABA provides an incredible hosting package, with WordPress pre-installed (along with our club management software), available with a one-click activation and plenty of free premium themes and plugins. Better still, it’s completely free.

Free forever for up to 16 students.

Thereafter, your club can run this stand-out software for as little as £4.49 per month, cancel anytime, as a membership benefit.