Free Martial Arts Club Management Software

We provide access to our exclusive and comprehensive club management software completely free of charge for every paying instructor or club.

We’ve been helping martial arts clubs of all sizes and styles grow since 2012.

As a technology-first martial arts association, we appreciate the huge role our own modern systems, websites and digital infrastructure have played in transforming us from a £20 start up in 2012 to a now multi-award winning association with tens of thousands of members. We’re serious about helping our clubs do the same and that’s why we’re so proud to provide completely free club management software to every member of our association, big and small.

We’re proud to be the first association of our kind to provide software like this completely free of charge, for every instructor or club.

What’s Included?
  • Front-End Class Scheduling & Booking
  • Grade & Attendance Tracking
  • Online payments
  • Membership and access management
  • News and blog
  • Full website and CMS
  • Nutrition and Workout delivery
  • Self-managed student billing platform
  • Plus lots more

What's The Real Cost To My Club?

We know often software for martial arts clubs is advertised as free of charge but is far from it in reality. Here’s confirmation of our pricing;

Setup Fees: £0.00
Hosting Fees: £0.00
Transaction Fees: 0%
Student Allowed: Unlimited
Classes Allowed: Unlimited

For comparison, the average cost of a commercial student management system ranges from c. 6% of all monthly turnover to anything between £39 to £199 per month (£468 to £2,388 annually).

Key Features & Functionality

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Front End Website

Our club management software starts with an impressive, secure and fast loading front end website so you can share club news, information, content, galleries and more with the public on a completely responsive platform.

Member’s Only Area

Provide your students with an intuitive, easy to setup and use member’s only area. Control access based on membership status, drip-feeding content to specific plans (unlimited, VIP, parents, new members, black belts etc) or lockdown entire sections of your website exclusively to those who have an active account.

Blog & News

Enjoy an easy to use, robust and visually stunning club blog. Perfect for sharing news, updates and perspectives to engage and retain students.

Student Management System

The core aspect of our student management system includes a dashboard and user system that helps track attendance, groups, lessons, nutritional attainment, student details and more. You can log and assign staff and coaches, setup classes and more all from the student management system.

Professional Shop

Accept payments for physical or virtual goods, as well as subscriptions, in an enterprise-level shop running on WooCommerce. Add, edit and promote unlimited products and goods, with integrated memberships also possible. Access coupons, promotional banners, reports, customer management and in-depth product management all from your very own response web shop.

Accept Online Payments

Whether it’s for goods and services, memberships or a manual invoice you’ve raised for something else. Accept payments online securely and reliably with automated receipts and purchases via Stripe, PayPal and many other payment providers.

Front End Class Booking

Accept new members signing up for taster sessions through a front-end facing web calendar on your website, and allow existing paid up members the opportunity to book onto available classes directly from the student dashboard. You can show availability, remaining places and class details to your students before booking, and once booked on both you and they will be able to see their classes on the student dashboard and the class roster.

Attendance Tracking

As the saying goes, ‘data is king’ and understanding attendance throughout your different classes and days is crucial. Our management system allows you to register attendance on a day by day, student by student basis. Whilst a little manual in the logging process, it then allows you to not only show attendance on a member by member basis but also to draw down flexible reports that can be easily exported and manipulated in excel to help you understand what is working well as well as what isn’t.

Membership Management

Possibly one of the most important features for many clubs is membership management. The ability to see all of your students in one place with a simple overview that outlines who’s active, attendance, remaining classes and so on with a full profile behind that which will confirm date of birth, classes, metrics and other core details.

Staff Management

Whether you have different instructors at different locations or just a couple of assistant instructors, the management system includes basic staff oversight. This allows you to see the core details for each instructor you add and to assign them areas of expertise (grappling, takedowns, kicking etc) as well as different styles to teach which can then be in-turn used to control which instructors are available for which classes.

Drag & Drop Website Building

Whilst your website can be built with either the classic WordPress editor or in pure HTML, it also includes an easy to use drag and drop site builder. This allows you to edit ‘in real time’ using simple modules and editors with which you can drag content around the page as required. This makes it easier than ever to create a professional website without needing to know any coding or design skills.

Instructor & Student Dashboards

Access key metrics you need to understand your club’s current position from the instructor dashboard. Likewise, students can see an overview of their membership and activity, as well as a class scheduler direct from their secure dashboard.

Integrate Facebook Messenger For Live Chat

Allow your students and perspective students to chat with you ‘in real time’ via integrated Facebook Messenger live chat.

Share Nutrition Guides & Track Weight

For clubs delivering fitness training too, and for those who need to keep tab on fighters weight and body fat etc, the system has a basic inbuilt ability to share recipes and nutritional plans. The dashboard can also be used to show on-going weight, body fat and other key body metrics when logged by the club.

Assign Workouts For Students

For those who integrate fitness into their club, our software allows you to create and assign workout programmes on a student by student basis. Workouts are easily created and assigned from the instructor dashboard and show on the student dashboard. Students can view the workout on screen and can also produce a PDF of the workout programme for printing if preferred.

How Does Our Software Compare To Other Providers?

We’re keen to provide a completely fair and realistic comparison of our club management software against that of market leaders.

Our management software is not designed to compete with these experts-in-class who specialise in software for martial arts club management. Our software is feature rich, enterprise-ready, secure and very flexible to enable it to cater to the thousands of clubs we have big and small. It can absolutely help you modernise your club’s operations, accept online payments, provide students with a way to book onto classes online and so on. We’ll also provide community support and tutorials to help you get setup and accepting payments online.

Whilst we’re confident our provision is great for most clubs, it won’t be right for some. This may be especially true for larger or more commercial clubs who need advanced functionality or dedicated support. We fully support the superb work done by a number of commercial software providers. We’re not competing with their dedicated service and would always encourage all clubs to consider the options on the market.

Where we can’t be beaten, however, is price. 

Most clubs adore our software and find it works amazingly for their club setup. Their might be a little bit more of a learning curve to get it setup but it does provide a huge amount of flexibility, as well as a website, member’s area and shop all in one. To offer a very rough comparison on cost;

Assumed Example Based On A Club With 50 Students

Competitor 1: £468 Per Year (based on £39 monthly fee)

Competitor 2: £1,440 (based on 8% transaction fee)


There are absolutely unique services and features offered by both of the commercial providers listed above which we think make them a hugely beneficial provider for clubs of all sizes, so this example is just done to demonstrate our USP. You are most welcome as a member of BMABA to activate the club management to ‘take it for a spin’ and then delete the site if you do not wish to make use.

This club management software is completely free of charge to all BMABA clubs and instructors.

You can join us online from as little as £4.99 per month to access this software in conjunction with the hundreds of other resources, tools, features and support inclusive in membership.