Student Management Made Easy

Visually stunning, practical and student-led data that updates in real time and puts you and your club in control. 

Comprehensive Student Profiles

Easily manage everything from contact information and medical details through to student licences and insurances, all in one tab. Better still, your student’s can see and edit this information from their end, too.

Message Specific Students Or The Entire Club

Secure in-system messages allow you to send messages directly to the student’s dashboard. Target singular, multiple or all students with messages that you know have been delivered.

This also sends an external email to students, to act as an email marketing platform in its own right.

Key Information You Need, Fast.

Universal & Student-Led

Whilst you can overwrite any information, student's can update next of kin, medical, contact, billing and more from their end so it's always up to date. As always, it's focused on reducing admin.

Extra Notes & Comments

Whether it's recording their background in other martial arts, past injuries, children specific info or anything else - there's a 'notes to instructors' section built just for that.

Billing & Contact

Easily see student names, dates of birth, addresses, billing details, mobile phone numbers and more in one central place.

Association & NGB Licences!

We've built a custom field for you to enter student valid from, expiry and licence numbers. Better still, student's see this in realtime.

Next Of Kin

Students or parents can easily set next of kin information for emergency situations, and they can keep it updated if something changes, too.

Manually Adjust Memberships

Whether you need to temporarily suspend a student for breaking rules, or you want to manually start a subscription ahead of payment. It's there.

The Info You Can Work With

Grading Ready?

You'll see the student's name pop up in your dasboard, and the notification tab, if they're ready to grade.

Billings & Memberships

See whether your student has an active membership, and if so, what that is. Also access payments and receipts with one click from the student dashboard.

Instructor Notes & Medical Info

From instructor notes, written by you or the student/parent, through to medical conditions and Medication, it's included.

Contact Information

You'll easily be able to view profile information and billing information. If there's a parent running the account for a child, you can see who's making payment and in-charge of managing bookings, as well as specific information for the child.


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