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Concussion & Head Injury Management

What Is It, and Why?

Head injuries and concussions are serious concerns in the world of martial arts, where the intensity of training and competition can put athletes at risk.

Recognising and managing these injuries effectively is crucial to safeguard the health and well-being of martial artists. The BMABA is committed to promoting awareness, prevention, and proper management of head injuries and concussions among its members.

Through education, training, and adherence to best practices, we aim to minimise the risk of head injuries in martial arts and ensure that athletes can train, compete, and enjoy their sport with the highest degree of safety. Our guidelines are designed to support instructors, practitioners, and healthcare professionals in recognising symptoms, providing immediate care, and facilitating a safe return to martial arts activities.

BMABA Are With You Every Step Of The Way

We're a leading voice in independent martial arts when it comes to head injuries, concussion and prevention.


Comprehensive Policy

We have a comprehensive, detailed and easy to follow national policy on Head Injury & Concussion which covers prevention, mitigation, treatment, monitoring and a graduated return to play, so you can jump in on day 1 to our expert guidance and adopt a stress-tested policy without having to write it in-house.


Industry-First Qualifications

We are the first martial arts association to host a dedicated Head Injury & Concussion Management Qualification, providing comprehensive and detailed training in a style-agnostic basis to help identify risks of head injuries, triage and treat suspected concussions, and manage the reporting and RtP process.


Specialist Software

Our Club Management Platform has a dedicated Return to Play module that makes it easy to log, triage and manage a graduated return to play on any number of suspected head injuries that might happen in your club. Best of all, it's free to use and comes bundled with dozens of other club management features.

CHIMA: Concussion & Head Injury Management In Martial Arts

Our unique, first of a kind and comprehensive online training for Concussion and Head Injury Management in martial arts.