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Concussion & Head Injury Management

What Is It, and Why?

Head injuries and concussions are serious concerns in the world of martial arts, where the intensity of training and competition can put athletes at risk.

Recognising and managing these injuries effectively is crucial to safeguard the health and well-being of martial artists. The BMABA is committed to promoting awareness, prevention, and proper management of head injuries and concussions among its members.

Through education, training, and adherence to best practices, we aim to minimise the risk of head injuries in martial arts and ensure that athletes can train, compete, and enjoy their sport with the highest degree of safety. Our guidelines are designed to support instructors, practitioners, and healthcare professionals in recognising symptoms, providing immediate care, and facilitating a safe return to martial arts activities.

Expert Tools And Advice, Exclusively From BMABA

We know how intimidating and challenging the fast emerging topic of head injuries and concussions in martial arts is for many clubs. Our expert tool kit equips clubs and instructors with the tools, policies and training needed to navigate this fast evolving issue.

Expert Guidance

We're experts in policy interpretation and we've proven this beyond question during COVID. With the emerging concussion management, we're at the front of the line - the first association to comprehensively address the issue and provide a comprehensive toolkit.

Specialist Training

Our specialist online training course - Concussion & Head Injury Management In Martial Arts (CHIMA) - is the first of its kind and guides instructors through a comprehensive, in-depth guide to concussion diagnosis, management and risk mitigation.

Return to Play Register

Our specialist Return to Play (RtP) register allows clubs to put into place records that can protect them from future claims, and ensure no student with a suspected head injury can compete when they are unsafe to do so. Free, and open to all clubs.

Specialist Online Training For Concussion In Martial Arts

A specialist, comprehensive online award that provides clubs with a second-to-none overview of concussion and head injury management, including symptoms, treatment, risk mitigation and best practice.