MMA Events Cover

As a specialist association we are able to serve access to specialist events Public Liability insurance for clubs and instructors.

What is event insurance, and why is it needed?

Event insurance (as it’s referred to) – or Event Public Liability (PL) Insurance (to be more specific) is designed to provide Public Liability cover (which provides defence and cover in the event of injury or damage to property) to the named event. This is particularly important as it will be protecting not just participants but also spectators, of which there is usually quite a larger number comparatively to a normal session.

If you consider why this is necessary, you need only think of the cost of defending yourself in a court for a claim of compensation if a member of the public were to trip on a mat or speaker stand (for example), break a leg and then be unable to pay their mortgage!

Can’t my instructor insurance cover this?

No, it can’t. Instructor Insurance (or let’s be specific, and refer specifically to Instructor Public Liability) is designed to provide cover in the event of an injury or damage to property resulting from your instruction.

Events are unique functions, and can often have a number of spectators and competitors in one (or more) locations within a venue at any one time. As an instructor, you can’t possibly be accountable for the supervision of everyone. Even with a very small inter-club event, you will stand have parents or visitors coming into your dojo. If there was to be an injury (for example, a parent of a student slips on a wet floor entering your dojo) this can’t be put down to an instructor fault through instruction, as they were never a part of your class.

For this reason events insurance is an important consideration for anybody hosting an event, regardless of size.

Can I just buy event insurance?

Not with us. We’re well aware some insurers and even some associations offer ‘off the shelf’ event insurance. This is usually ‘very affordable’ and can be instantly issued with just confirmation on the number of spectators.

With insurance, unfortunately, you get what you pay for. If the insurer doesn’t have full sight over the potential risks there’s a good chance there is ‘grey areas’ to what is and isn’t covered.

We refuse to offer sub-standard event insurance and instead prefer to put you through a rigorous quote process that will help you consider your key arrangements. This will address event safety and management.

What’s more, the quote will be based on exact details of your event, so no need to worry about what is and isn’t known by (or insured by) the insurer!

Will it cover full-contact fighting?

There’s a bit of a misunderstanding within our industry surrounding events insurance and competitors insurance, as they’re not the same. It’s very hard (and expensive) to cover a competitor for injury. This is quite simply because there is a very heightened risk of injury, inherently, because of the nature of sparring or competition.

Public Liability is unlikely to be effective by default too, because of Volenti non fit injuria (a common law doctrine which states that if someone willingly places themselves in a position where harm might result, knowing that some degree of harm might result, they are not able to bring a claim against the other party in tort or delict).

If you need to insure your competitors for injury, you must specifically make this clear on the proposal so the insurer can make a full and informed assessment of available cover.

IMPORTANT: Please speak with our office before applying to join our association if you’re interested in obtaining events insurance. We have very specific criteria in terms of who and what we provide cover on. You will need to be a registered member to access cover, so before you join us as an instructor (unless you wish to join us for free, which you’re welcome to do) please check with us as to whether or not cover would be available.

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