This is one of dozens of membership features and tools reserved exclusively for BMABA instructors.

Leading Martial Arts Instructor Licenses & Certification

The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) is largely recognised as one of the leading UK martial arts associations for instructor certification and licensing. Our very high eligibility threshold ensures BMABA instructors are seen as highly professional, competent and vetted instructors.

We’ve been approaching instructor certification in martial arts – and the need for modern, professional standards – since 2012. To date we’ve issued tens of thousands of instructor and membership certificates. These are all associated with relevant records and registration dates, so every single document can be confirmed – even if you don’t wish to remain with us in the future.

With our association’s licensing and certification, you can be assured that;

Every Registration Can Be Confirmed Online, For Free, 24/7

With our association you don’t need to rely on your students seeking out mountains of documentation to confirm you’re licensed to instruct. Via our leading national instructor database they can confirm your registration on any device, at any time, in live time against our own internal records.

Stunning Certification Is Always Available To You 24/7 In PDF Format

Regardless of your membership options, every instructor will have access to his or her instructor certification, membership documentation and any insurances documents in PDF format immediately after issue. This enables you to access documents wherever you are, without having to worry about finding hard copies.

Printed Documentation Worth It's Weight

All of our printed documentation is dispatched from our operations office on premium weighted, specialist paper. Included are a number of security measures, including official stamps, signatures, foils, embossing and security marks. This is all provided to ensure you receive a professional, credible document which can be showed to parents, students and schools with confidence.

What Documentation Do We Issue BMABA Instructors With?

Association Membership Certificate

This document confirms that you are a registered member of our association, and confirms the dates of your current membership term. This is usually considered a requirement for any instructor needing to provide evidence of membership to a Governing Body.

Instructor’s Certificate

This certification confirms that a BMABA registered instructor has undergone our vetting process and provided all necessary evidence to meet our eligibility threshold for instructors and coaches. It’s a key document that summarises what disciplines we recognise you to be competently graded or qualified to instructor. Effectively, this helps tie together often numerous certificates (if practicing more than one style) into a singular, governing body issued certificate. The certificate features your membership term for confirmation that it is current. This document is considered a key piece of evidence whenever you need to evidence yourself as a competent or ‘recognised’ instructor.

Instructor’s License

This is often regarded as one of the most influential documents available to a martial arts instructor. The instructor’s license ties together evidence of numerous competencies – safeguarding, insurance, DBS checks, licensing, first aid, qualifications and more. All of this evidence is pre-vetted before the license is issued, thus effectively ensuring any BMABA instructor in possession of an instructor’s license can demonstrate to students, parents or schools that they are among one of the most highly vetted martial arts instructors in the United Kingdom.

*Please note, whilst all of the certification shown on this page are current issued documents, there can be slight variations in subtle design features – such as fonts, design and layout. This is an organic evolution of our certification. All documents issued will be the same as those shown – or similar. It may not be immediately identical. 

Access Our Leading Certification

Gain Accreditation & Recognition For Your Years Of Training

All premium BMABA instructors receive access to our range of professional certificates. These documents are available exclusively to BMABA registered coaches and senseis, so you’ll need to be registered with us in order to access these.



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