Award Winning Charitable Change

From The BMABA Fighting Chance Foundation

We've been keen on social change since day 1, and our Fighting Chance Foundation helps make that happen.

In addition to our day to day work growing the core association and supporting clubs, our Fighting Chance Foundation works hard to effect social change on a national level, impacting grass roots matters with martial arts at its core.

We Plough Our Profits Into Planting Trees

We’ve funded the planting of literally thousands of trees both here in the UK and overseas since 2020. Every year we re-invest into tree planting and other ways of helping to reduce our carbon footprint. 

We Fund Clean Water Projects

It’s disgusting that despite the abundance of so many, millions still go without clean water every day. That’s why we donate every month to Charity:Water to help ensure everyone has access to fresh, clean drinking water.

Cash Grants Available Exclusively For Our Members

Whether you want to make an impact locally with Childhood Poverty or Knife Crime. Perhaps it’s about getting more women and girls onto the mats, or helping male mental health. Whatever your passion, our Foundation provides a credible, structured and well resourced way to make a big impact with a small input.