More than 6,500 clubs and instructors trust us to represent them each year.

Multi-Award Winning, Politics Free & Completely Independent 

Strictly Politics Free

We know; you hear that alot! But as a self-started, self-funded organisation we can be genuinely politics free.

Fair & Professional

We run as a professional trade body, not a boy's club. That means a fair, professional service to our members.

Est. 2012 And Award Winning

Representing more than 100,000 members, with £1,000,000+ turnover and more than a decade in operation.

We're A Completely Unrivalled Trade Body For Martial Arts Clubs & Instructors

Completely self-funded, politics free and community driven; we’re a martial arts association for instructors and clubs serious about doing things right. That’s why we now represent more than 100,000 members across 6,500 clubs in 100 disciplines.

We’re focused on raising the bar for professional standards of instruction and boosting grass roots participations. We do this by helping our members grow their clubs and supporting them in every possible way.

Our work covers much of the ‘usual’ association services – insurance, licensing, grade recognition, technical development etc; but with so much more attached. From essential resources to help you grow your club – such as club management software, template documents and a huge community of like minded instructors – through to professional services such as DBS checks, first aid training and instructor qualifications. It’s all covered.

We know all of the cliches and ‘old boys’ clubs, and know the politics and squabbling so many clubs have been held back by for many years.

We’re an industry disruptor in spite of being founded on just £20 of capital in 2012. Our membership now surpasses 100,000 members and volunteers from every part of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

BMABA is politics free, completely independent, community driven and fiercely committed to the development of our industry, leading the way for change and a modern martial arts industry. What’s more, we can provide you and your club with everything you need to grow within a supportive framework, whilst remaining completely independent to chose your club’s best future path.

  • ✅ Completely Independent & Self-Funded

    We don’t receive a penny in grants or funding from any government body and we don’t have any investors either. That means we’re only guided by two things; what our community wants and what it needs.

  • ✅ Professional, Accountable & Politics Free

    One of our major reasons for our success stems from our absolute intolerance of politics, who’s-who and squabbling. It’s not necessary, and doesn’t happen within our organisation. Instead we focus our association on setting and adhering to the very best-practice. We have a trained team of staff in our office to provide a professional service – not a board of unelected clubs for you to bow down to.

  • ✅ Small Or Big, Modern Or Traditional

    We welcome tens of thousands of members from all styles and backgrounds. Be that a modern, commercial MMA gym or a traditional amateur Karate club – no students to a thousand; everyone has a voice, and everyone is respected as a client. We don’t follow the usual idea that you must bow to us. You’re our client, so we have a service to provide to you. Simple as.

  • ✅ Absolutely Everything You’ll Need In One Place

    From instructor, club or student insurance through to licensing. Instructor qualifications and DBS checks to risk assessments and business plans. Regulatory guidance through to marketing advice; our membership packs a real punch and combines hundreds of different elements into a single place.

  • ✅ Multi-Award Winning & ‘Out Of Industry Recognised’

    Our organisation, charitable programmes and founder are all award winning. What’s more, through our work with organisations like the Home Office, End Child Poverty, Anti-Bullying Alliance and more, we’re a renowned and respected organisation both within and outside of the martial arts world.

Take Back Control of Your Club

We’ve passionately believed that for far too long clubs have been forced to withstand politics, control and who’s who within their association. It’s not fair, and doesn’t need to be the case. 

It’s your club and only you know best what helps support your students. If you’re looking to go indepedent without dropping standards or losing support, BMABA could be the right fit for you.

Some Of Our 6,500 Instructors

You're Not Alone.

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Multi-Award Winning & As Seen On Various Platforms

We're here to help your club grow, the right way.

We’re experts in helping clubs grow ethically and professionally, with a focus on the best outcomes for your students.

Whether it’s in IT, marketing or social media through to safeguarding, insurance or legalities – BMABA can help your club reach new heights. This is always driven on the basis of being sustainable, ethical and fair.

A Professionally Run Organisation, Not A Political Quango

We set four key promises to our members back in 2012, and to date we’ve stood by each and every commitment. 

BMABA is a martial arts trade body fit for the 2020's.


Professionally Run

We have a dedicated team led by our Chief Executive Officer from our purpose-built 1,250sqft offices in West Sussex - not a kitchen table.


Unparallel Resources

We believe if you put the number of resources and tools BMABA offer against that of your current offering, there will be absolutely no chance we're not the better value for money.


Techhnological Innovators

Technology and the modern world isn't going to go backwards, so your club needs to move forwards. Too much of the competition remains in the 1990s. We're at the forefront of digital innovation in martial arts.


Led By Industry Experts

Whilst we're proud to have a dedicated team of specialists in the office (Customer Services, Safeguarding, Operations etc) we have some of the martial arts world's top talent guiding our technical matters and procedures.


Founded in 2012 by the now renowned Giovanni Soffietto.

Imagine a natural born entrepreneur and life-long martial artist who, despite being born into poverty, could setup with just £20 a now multi-award winning national organisation that champions everything martial arts. That’s us in a nutshell.

Not sure if we're the right fit?

Lots of new members tell us their old association tried to scare them away from joining with tales of cowboys, scams or just about anything else they could dream up.


See For Yourself With One Year's Free Membership

We know what martial arts is like, so we don't expect anyone to take our word for it. That's why we offer a year's free affiliate membership so you can see for yourself just what we can do for your club.