Safeguarding Qualifications form a pivotal part of running a safe and professional martial arts club.

We hold our instructors and clubs to the highest standards and accordingly, we expect all members currently teaching anyone under the age of 18 or any adults at risk to hold a formal safeguarding qualification. Fortunately our position as a large and respected martial arts organisation combined with our approach to technology means we have a range of options open to clubs to help you fulfil this obligation.

What Is Safeguarding & Why Do I Need A Qualification?

Safeguarding is all about keeping children and young people, as well as adults at risk, safe. This requires effective processes to be followed with regards to conduct, reporting and vetting of all people who have access to these groups.

Safeguarding matters can be complicated and it’s incredibly important for both your club – as well as a potential person at risk – that you know what is required of you, what signs to look out for and what to do when you have concerns. It can also help to protect you or your club from misfounded allegations of wrongdoing.

In short, a safeguarding qualification proves you’ve undertaken a structured course on the matter and have reviewed the key areas surrounding the safeguarding of young people or adults at risk. Our recommended courses include Legislation and guidance on safeguarding children, the recognition and types of child abuse, how to respond to concerns and what to do in the event of a disclosure, who to contact when there is a child protection concern, fulfilling your “duty of care” and Safer practice and keeping children safe.

We recommend a closed-network of preferred and trusted safeguarding qualification providers. This allows you to chose your preferred course from a trusted network of known organisations.

We’re keen to stress that our association does not in anyway profit from you undertaking a safeguarding qualification from any of these preferred providers. We will allow you to complete their training course of your own free will, and won’t force you to undertake any specific BMABA internal awards to line our own pockets. This helps us promote the importance of safeguarding courses without the obvious conflict of interest that arises when we benefit financially.

Good To Know

Available Courses & Costs

SafeCIC Safeguarding Qualification

What does the safeguarding qualification cover and how does it work?

This course is essential for all those who work or volunteer directly with children, young people or their families. Compliant with the latest legislation, government guidance and with direct links to your local Safeguarding Children Board, this course covers everything workers need to know about what might concern them, how to respond to concerns appropriately and consider safer working practice. The course also meets the training requirements of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted).

The courses are highly interactive, with quizzes and multi-media content. Course duration is typically one hour and students have the ability to login and take the training in bite-sized chunks as they see fit.

Online Safeguarding Children Course Content

The general course covers

  • Legislation and guidance on safeguarding children
  • The recognition and types of child abuse
  • How to respond to concerns and what to do in the event of a disclosure
  • Who to contact when there is a child protection concern
  • Fulfilling your “duty of care”
  • Safer practice and keeping children safe

A personalised and dated certificate will be provided upon successful completion of the Standard Child Safeguarding training course. Certificates can be downloaded in PDF format and printed at any time. Safeguarding course certificates remain valid for two years.


The standard price of the course is £27.99. All fees are payable directly to the safeguarding provider and the association does not earn any commission nor profit in anyway. The safeguarding provider is a registered CIC so your funds help their social goals.

Silver and Gold association members will be able to access this course for the discounted price of £9.80!

Questions & Answers Around Safeguarding

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