Having a proficient level of first aid training isn’t just common sense – it’s essential. You’re working with adults and children in a very physical environment, often combining fast-paced physical contact. Knowing what to do should the worse happen is about more than just your duty of care – it’s a moral obligation to protect your members.

We require all of our instructors to hold a sufficient level of first aid training in order to obtain an instructor’s license and can provide you with a discounted option for obtaining martial arts based first aid training.

What is Martial Arts First Aid & Who Needs It?

First Aid Training is designed to equip you with the knowledge required to respond to an emergency medical situation within your club.

From managing what are often minor issues – such as bruising to hands and feet – through to knowing how to preserve life should somebody in your class suffer a cardiac arrest; it’s critical knowledge every instructor must know.

We firmly believe (and enforce) every instructor teaching without supervision holding a minimum standard of emergency first aid qualification. This is essential. We recommend every member of club staff – from volunteer treasurers through to assistant instructors – also holding a basic level of first aid. This forms part of our charitable #MartialArtsDoneRight campaign.

What’s The Minimum Standard And What Courses Are Available?

The minimum standard should always be the highest level of training available. It must be a level of training that equips you with the essential skills necessary to deal with life threatening medical emergencies – such as serious neck injuries, cardiac arrests and bleeds through to minor injury treatment.


Courses We Can Provide Access To

BMABA Martial Arts First Aid Essentials

The BMABA Martial Arts First Aid Essentials award is designed to provide instructors and assistant coaches with a basic grasp of emergency first aid for martial arts settings. The course covers some of the more likely ‘minor’ injuries as well as serious medical emergencies, focusing on providing instructors and coaches with the skills needed to identify and assist whilst awaiting medical support.

During this course, we’ll look at;

  • An Introduction To First Aid For Martial Arts
  • Basics Of The Human Anatomy
  • Basic First Aid Course (Consisting of a 1 hour qualified video based lesson)
  • First Aid Essentials
  • Head Trauma & Concussion Awareness
  • Incident Reporting
  • Martial Arts First Aid Essentials Course Assessment


We can provide access to this qualification free of charge for Silver and Gold members.

For those who do not have the course inclusive of membership, it costs just £14.99 on a ‘pay to access’ basis.

In-Person VTQ Level 3 Martial Arts First Aid Qualifications

We also run a number of in-person VTQ First Aid qualifications specific for martial arts instructors.

These courses are delivered by qualified experts at various locations throughout the UK at various times throughout the year. Course prices vary, as does availability, but we will always provide access to these qualifications for our instructors at the best possible rates.

Beautifully Certified Training, Available 24/7.

Whilst in-person training is always an essential qualification for an instructor to undertake initially, when it comes to annual refreshers inside of the best practice guidance our online martial arts first aid essentials course, which includes over an hour of video resources, is available on your phone, laptop or tablet via the MyBMABA app or by browser.

Questions & Answers Around First Aid

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BMABA membership includes everything you and your club will need – resources, tools, licensing, insurance and more – all bundled into one membership. Join a new kind of association; a multi-award winning governing body that’s been reshaping the martial arts industry for the best part of a decade.

We’re here to help with questions and queries.

Access expert guidance and speak with our dedicated team for queries on membership, insurance, eligibility, us or just about anything else you might need.

We’re not based from a kitchen worktop, nor do we employ call centres overseas to answer generic FAQs for us. We have three locations throughout the UK including our Headquarters in West Sussex. BMABA boasts over 1,250sqft of newly refurbished top-spec office space for our dedicated staff and everyone you speak with here – be it via email, live chat, Facebook or phone – is part of the team and not an outsourced agent.


01798 306546

We’re always happy to speak with new and current members by phone.

Lines are generally staffed between the hours of 9.15am and 4pm Monday to Thursday, and 9.30am to 1pm Friday. Occasionally you may not be able to reach us if we’re all tied up elsewhere (you’re calling a real office, not a call-centre!) but we provide an answer phone service 24/7. Please leave a message and we’ll be happy to call you back as soon as we’re free.

Or, if you prefer, you’re welcome to;

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Join More Than 6,500 Like-Minded Instructors & Clubs

We’re one of the largest martial arts associations in the UK with more than 30,000 registered members across thousands of clubs and instructors.

We have our own offices, not the kitchen table.

There’s nothing wrong with smaller martial arts associations. In fact, we think it’s good for competition and variety. Unfortunately too many are one-man bands run from kitchen tables, and not professional set ups with staff.

We have three locations – Manchester, London and West Sussex. Our HQ has over 1,400sqft of dedicated, bespoke office space for our team of staff and volunteers.

Founded in 2012 by the now Multi-Award Winning Social Entrepreneur & Life-Long Martial Artist

Frustrated by a lack of affordable, professional alternatives to the associations Giovanni Soffietto had dealt with when participating and then teaching Thai Boxing and Karate, BMABA was founded.

Focused on professional standards and ethics rather than belts and titles, BMABA boasts the pedigree of a life-long martial arts expert come award winning social entrepreneur as it’s Chief Executive Officer. It’s fair to say we’re well qualified and backed by an industry giant.

Our Membership Isn’t Just A Piece Of Paper

We have always been focused on providing clubs with everything they need under a single membership, and our range of resources, tools and features delivers exactly that.

From template grading certificates and documents through to a free club website and national club listings. Whether it be advice on club structure and marketing or membership marks and qualifications. DBS checks, first aid qualifications, coaching certificates, instructor licenses, insurance, business plans, equipment, graphics – you named it, we cover it under just one simple, affordable membership.

Beautiful, Professional Certification As Standard

So much of what you do will be judged on the grades, credentials and certification you hold. We get that.

We know parents, students and venues don’t always understand exactly what qualifies you. We help by providing superb, professional certification that ensures you look the part. Be it a Dan Grade, Instructor License or Insurance Document, all of our digital and printed certificates will meet the mark and be accepted across the UK.

Our Profits Fund The Fighting Chance Foundation

All of our eligible profits are donated to the Fighting Chance Foundation to help change lives through martial arts.

From programmes designed to help children in poverty and women & girls at risk of violence through to anti-knife campaigns and disability inclusion work, the Fighting Chance Foundation changes lives through martial arts.

Access The Latest Martial Arts Qualifications

We provide all of our members with a free Level 1 and level 2 Martial Arts Instructor Qualification. We also provide access to more than twenty professional courses and qualifications to help expand our member’s portfolios.

From first aid, safeguarding and coaching through to concussion awareness, club colours and marketing – BMABA are a household name in martial arts for providing high-quality, affordable access to training and qualifications for martial arts.

We Back Our Members, Even During The Darkest Of Times

Our response and support throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic confirmed to the industry the way BMABA treats it’s members.

We provided daily updates, dedicated online training hubs, access to a free COVID instructor qualification, subsidised insurances, a self-funded Covid Recovery Scheme, mediation services with local authorities and interpretations of DCMS policy. We increased our operational hours to ensure a 7 day a week response and invested more than ever in our systems, processes and memberships. This is what an association should be doing for its members we believe. As our slogan goes; “To High Places By Narrow Roads“.

You won't find another UK martial arts association that can offer so much to their members.


Not entirely sure?

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Switching To Us

We know there’s a lot to think about, and we can help.

We have absolutely no interest in enticing you to switch to BMABA if we’re not the right fit. We know that won’t last and isn’t good for you or us. Instead, we can offer a confidential switching process to help you price up whether or not it’s worth while, whilst also getting answers to any questions you might have.