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BMABA Acquires #MartialArtsDoneRight

We’re thrilled to announce that as of 13th June 2023, BMABA has now fully acquired #MartialArtsDoneRight including all 30,000 members.

Setup in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic to provide a fast and easy, non-association route forward for martial arts clubs looking to access the basics (insurance, DBS, licencing etc), #MADR enjoyed a rapidly growing client base that hasn’t really slowed even as COVID backed further out of sight. We understand this acquisition will create alot of questions for our current members, and for those joining us from MADR, so we hope this brief article will clarify.


Getting Help

First things first, if you’re a current #MADR customer and you’d like more information, the fastest way to get help is to jump onto web chat or to use Facebook Messenger. We’ll refer to #MartialArtsDoneRight as #MADR for the remainder of this article.

Don’t worry – all existing insurances you have with MADR remain fully active, as BMABA (we) are the holder of the master insurance.


Why Has BMABA Taken On #MADR?

#MartialArtsDoneRight has been part of the BMABA Group since it’s inception in 2020. As a sister company to BMABA, #MADR has always used our master group cover policy, as well as some of our other technology to remain operational. BMABA has also been providing expert advice in matters relating to insurance and safeguarding to #MADR. As #MADR has grown, the overheads required to continue to offer good customer service, and to provide proper regulatory oversight has grown too. The ability for insurances in particular, but also DBS checks to be offered to non-membership clients at good rates has also become much, much harder throughout 2022 and 2023.

We’re at the point now where BMABA has been providing more and more support to #MADR and it’s limited team, and this would have ultimately trickled down to adversely effect pricing for their customers.

As part of the BMABA Group, the reputation of #MADR could have been called into question without starting to actively grade check every applicant too. Until this point in time, the platform has relied (as many insurers and groups do) on utmost good faith, however some recent concerns surrounding fraud has, their team felt, greatly devalued the MADR name for genuine users.

In effect, the #MADR service was beginning to narrow in scope into a very weak alternative to BMABA’s multi-award winning membership. The core reason MADR was setup – to offer access to affordably priced services with efficient, faster customer service – has been increasingly harder to maintain. BMABA has stepped in to acquire the full business, so we can ensure anyone currently using the platform remains properly looked after with reliable, effective customer services and the many dozens of other tools #MADR users were regularly asking for.


I am a customer of #MADR. What does this mean for me?

In the immediate sense, nothing at all. All of your cover and anything you’ve previously paid for remains completely live and active ‘as was’ before.

The important thing to stress here is BMABA have always held the master policy that #MADR used, so cover remains completely the same, without interruption. As a new member of BMABA, you now have a tremendous amount of resources and support at your finger tips and you can access this at no extra cost for the remainder of your policy period.

We will convert any existing MADR policy into a BMABA Bronze Membership with Insurance completely free of charge for the remainder of your cover period so you can see and enjoy everything BMABA has to offer. Click here to request the transfer for free.

Provided you meet our standard eligibility criteria and can demonstrate proof of grade, we would be thrilled to welcome you into the BMABA Community. We’ll offer complimentary Bronze Membership, which includes everything shown here, along with any current insurances (instructor and student) until your renewal date. At renewal, we will invite you to renew online with us in the same way our other members do.

This means you’ll receive access to a vastly superior membership to that of #MADR, with dozens of resources and tools at your disposal at no extra cost. You’ll also find a much more responsive team on hand to help with questions and queries, including a fully staffed office and a phone line.

We (BMABA) are a multi-award winning organisation that already supports more than 65,000 members across the UK. We’ve been in operation since 2012 and have one of the very best reputations in martial arts, thanks to our entrepreneurial award-winning CEO, our technology first approach to safeguarding, our second-to-none vetting process for new clubs and the tonne of additional resources we bundle into membership at no extra cost.


I’m a large #MADR account holder.

We’ll honour the same as we do for individual members, with a priority on-boarding service available to port you across to BMABA. You can activate this by clicking here and just initially providing your proof of grade. When transferring your #MADR account, we’ll bring across all of your instructors and students too. If you usually contact the team once per year at renewal, you can wait until this is relevant and then drop us a line, quoting your #MADR customership. We’ll be happy to pick up where they have left off.


I’m an existing BMABA member. What does this mean for me?

This acquisition has no impact on existing BMABA members. What it will mean is we now top more than 100,000 members across the UK, thanks in part to 30,000 or so customers moving across from #MADR. We leverage our large membership to provide our members with the very best prices for insurance, services and technology, so the MADR merger solidifies BMABA’s already industry-leading name, and will help us to better support our existing members.


I use #MADR because one of my associations won’t allow me to be a member of another association. What should I do?

Please get in touch, either via webchat or messenger, or via email to and let us know the issue. We can still maintain the MADR brand name for you, if this might help to negate any issues. We’ll do all we can to assist.


What if I don’t want to switch?

If you don’t want to use BMABA, you can use up the remainder of your policy with MADR and upon renewal, you are welcome to find an alternative provider. If you’re currently paying monthly, you can cancel that monthly subscription (or ask us to) effective immediately without penalty.


I have more questions!

The fastest way for us to help is for you to use webchat (at the bottom of your screen) or Facebook Messenger. Both are monitored 7 days a week and often see a response within 24 hours, if not instantly. You can also SMS, WhatsApp, Call or Email if preferred via any of these options here. Please remember to mention your current MADR membership when getting in touch with the team.