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Meet Legal Standards

It’s not always easy running a successful martial arts club. Guidance, legal requirements and best practice can change quickly and it requires an intricate understanding of guidance from Sport England, Sport Wales, Sport Scotland, Sport NI and more, as well as guidance from Home Office, DCMS and other legal bodies. We can help.

We’re experts in insurance and can provide expert guidance on all things martial arts. From guidance and best practice on coaching through to the law on carrying and importing training weapons. Over the past decade-plus of leading clubs, we’ve helped clubs of all sizes through a variety of circumstances. We’re here to help you, too.
Legal Requirements
From the legal duty of care through to the law and regulation on safeguarding - we do our best to research the changing requirements throughout the UK and translate it into easy to follow guidance.
We're experts in martial arts safeguarding and can provide guidance, support, training and access to industry-leading safeguarding certification to help your club not only meet the mark, but exceed it.
Best Practice
From coaching standards through to club management and business ethics - we'll provide guidance and tools to help you meet and exceed minimum standards and best practice guidelines.

Stunning Certification & Licencing

Our certification for instructors, students, volunteers and assistants is second to none and accepted everywhere. Secure, authenticated and recognised within and outside of martial arts, BMABA certification can help you gain the recognition you deserve.

Modern Tech, Traditional Function

From holographic ID cards to instructor licence books. We have a range of licencing support services that can help you demonstrate due diligence and will allow you to verify you’re properly insured and qualified wherever you go.

Live Records That Are Publicly Searchable

We know some NGBs have received funding to try and replicate a similar system (with limited success) but we were the first to have a live and up to date national instructor record database. You’ll be able to push schools, parents and venues to a national website with your own verified instructor listing. You’ll then be able to let them confirm your DBS, insurance, first aid, safeguarding, membership and more in realtime without having to lump around documents and files. Modern. Easy. Inclusive in all memberships.

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