Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of helping your site show first on Google. BMABA clubs have exclusive use of our industry-leading software to make that happen.

Ranking improvement

Reports that help you improve your presence on major search engines.

SEObyBMABA is the complete solution your club needs to managing and improving visibility online.

It’s a comprehensive platform to easily manage your SEO reports, projects and tools through, ultimately helping more students find your club.

  • Reports
    Get detailed SEO reports for your webpages, and get tips on how to improve them.

  • Projects
    Manage your reports more efficiently with the automatically generated projects and reporting, to help you track and see changes over time.

  • Tools
    Expand your toolbox with our diverse web tools and utilities.

Advanced martial arts SEO reports

Detailed reports that enables you to take actions on issues that actually matter to your club website.

  • SEO
    Get an in-depth analysis on the most important tags and the content of your webpage.

  • Performance
    Improve the performance of your webpage’s with key metrics and suggestions.

  • Security
    Obtain privacy and security information to keep your webpage’s health in good standing.

Dozens of SEO Tools to help your martial arts club website thrive.

Over 30 web tools and utilities are included.

There isn’t any other martial arts association in the UK who can offer you this level of SEO support inclusive with membership.