The first AI powered content generator for martial arts

Create unique and engaging content that will increase sign ups, help with student retention and boost your club. Exclusively to BMABA.

  • Intelligent. 

    Advanced document and image generator.

  • Flexible. 

    Custom templates and chat behavior.

  • Multilingual. 

    Prompts and results in multiple languages.

A.IbyBMABA Reduces Admin & Helps You Grow

Harness the power of artificial intelligence and transform the way you produce unique content for your members.

  • Documents
    Generate original content for your martial arts website, marketing, and social activities

  • Chats
    Receive immediate answers to your questions in an interactive manner.

  • Transcriptions
    Extract the contents of audio files and turn them into fully editable documents.

Media creation

Turn ideas into images that will increase conversions and boost engagement.

  • 3D render
  • Abstract
  • Cartoon
  • Digital art
  • Illustration
  • Pixel art
  • Photography
  • Sketch

Lots Of Templates!

Over 50 templates to automate content creation and help your martial arts club grow.

Create Engaging Martial Arts Content, Quickly.

A.I by BMABA can create articles, posts and content in seconds.

Facebook, Instagram & Other Social Ad Creation

Let our software create engaging and fresh content for use specifically on social media, like Facebook and Insta.


A.IbyBMABA has the ability to understand and generate content in over 30 languages.

Access the industry’s first A.I platform for martial arts, exclusively with BMABA