Customisable & Flexible

Club Manager can be custom-branded to fit your club’s look, and you can set the functionality to meet your exact needs too.

Make your site a student portal only, or keep it open to the public.

With just a single tick box, you can lock down your WordPress website so the only functionality is the Club Management Platform. Perfect if you have a website already, and just want to use the core plugin features.

Alternatively, leave this unchecked and our platform will sit in the background of your website, for you to integrate without forcing anyone to use it.

Custom Fields for Club Specific Content

Easily add custom text boxes, text areas and date fields to your student profiles to collect specific information you need on your members.

Any custom fields are shown on every student’s main student profile, and can be updated by the student too!

A Martial Arts Club Management System Designed To REDUCE Admin

Put Your Student In Control

Let your students register themselves, provide medical information, next of kin, and more. Better still, they can update it anytime.

Your Data. One Place.

The plugin runs on YOUR website, not our servers. It belongs to you, and is all in one secure place controlled by YOU.

Heavy Lifting, Done For You

We've built the student onboarding process to be as easy and straight forward as possible. It does all the admin heavy work for you, so you can focus on teaching.

Imagine if you could have parents & students sign any waivers, terms and club rules when setting up their account...

You can set any page to contain mandatory information that has to be agreed to before an account can be created. This means you can always be assured assumption of risk forms, waivers, terms, charters or rules have been accepted before the student or parent even books a class. Our custom certificate feature can also allow you to pre-set a templated ‘printed’ version which you can download in two clicks with details pre-populated too, if you need a hard copy.

Comprehensive Student Profiles

Easily manage everything from contact information and medical details through to student licences and insurances, all in one tab.

Better still, your student’s can see and edit this information from their end, too.

Message Specific Students Or The Entire Club

Secure in-system messages allow you to send messages directly to the student’s dashboard. Target singular, multiple or all students with messages that you know have been delivered.

All notifications also get sent by email, allowing you to rapidly send out tracked, branded, professional emails to individual students, parents or the entire club.

FREE Club Management Software Exclusively Built By Us, Just For Our Clubs

ClubManager by BMABA is our in-house, professionally developed Club Management solution. It’s free for all of our members and comes with a tonne of essential and groundbreaking features as standard.


  • Attendance & Grade Tracking
  • Student Records Management
  • Class Bookings & Timetables
  • Flexible Payments & Memberships
  • Grading Certificates Generator
  • Licence Slip & Documents Generator
  • Customised Branding & Functionality
  • Data Freedom & Ownership
  • Leads & Prospects Management
  • Online Video Training Library
  • 1to1 Tuition Management & Billing
  • Events Management & Ticketing
  • Secure Safeguarding Case Management
  • Manage Events & Competitions
  • Student Portal & Member's Content
  • Concussion & RtP Management
  • Digital Incident Log Book
  • Digital Risk Assessments
  • Task Management
  • Registrations & Waivers
  • Built-In Club Community & Forums
  • Manual Invoicing
  • Accounting & Budgeting
  • Staff Management & Staffroom
  • Calendar & Scheduling
  • Business Management & Planning
  • Easy To Use Parent Accounts

So Much More Than Just A Club Manager

Membership to BMABA Includes Hundreds Of Resources & Tools

Whether you’re primarily in need of the technology, the insurances, the licencing, the marketing support or something else; we’ve got you covered. One place. One membership.