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Flexible Payments & Memberships

Finally, you’re able to set an unlimited number of memberships with just about any payment gateway, without breaking the automation of your club’s booking system. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a penny more!

Your Club. Your Data.

Our WordPress plugin hosts on your site, not our servers. It's your data. Simple.

Your Payment Gateways

BACS, Stripe, PayPal, Google or Apple Pay - the list is (almost) endless.

Unlimited Memberships

Pay as you go, rolling monthly, annual - you choose - it's without limit.

Payments via WooCommerce

WooCommerce For Integrated Payments

Because our Club Manager by BMABA is a WordPress Plugin, you host it on your existing site (we can help if you don’t have a WordPress site yet!). The only other plugin you’ll need is free, and it’s called WooCommerce. If you haven’t heard of this plugin before, it’s effectively the global leader for E-Commerce and is trusted by millions of sites worldwide.

Through WooCommerce you can setup an almost unlimited number of payment gateways, and you can let customers choose. BACS, Pay on the Door, Stripe, Apple Pay, Direct Debit, SagePay, Google Wallet – the list is pretty much endless. 

WooCommerce is totally free, and you can use to build a merchandise shop or similar on your site, too!

8 Ways Club Manager by BMABA Takes The Pain Out Of Memberships & Payments

Recurring Payments

Easily setup recurring payments through either Stripe or Paypal.

Recurring Payments

Easily setup recurring payments through either Stripe or Paypal.

Any Currency

Pound Sterling, US Dollars, Euros - you set the currency. Zero impact in function.

Any Payment Gateway

Select from thousands built into WooCommerce.

Your Data. Always.

It's hosted on your site, not our servers. It's your data, not ours.

Easily Customised

Build the perfect bespoke checkout processes and memberships with ease.

Two-Way Sync

Payments automatically update memberships, and visa-versa via webhooks.

The 'Traditional' Way

If you'd like to use the online functionality but accept payment in person, you can!

Create Unlimited Membership Plans

Whether you want tiered memberships with specific access at each level to different classes, or perhaps different plans for children and adults. Maybe a plan for Karate, and another for Jujitsu. Whatever you need, our flexible membership platform helps you build it just the way your club works.

Only Pay Your Payment Gateway Fees, Not Us

If you’re using cash on the door or BACS, it’s never going to cost a penny. Other than that, it’s just the payment gateway’s usual fees (typically between 1% – 4% depending on who you use). We don’t skim anything off, or inflate the cost. 

About me

An easy to use, comprehensive system that's completely free and makes managing your club easy.

We’ve built ClubManager by BMABA from the ground-up exclusively for our clubs. We’re experts in martial arts, so we know exactly where the pinch-points in club management adn admin occur. 


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