Simple Martial Arts Grade & Attendance Tracking

Clever, easy to use grade progression and attendance tracking custom-built for martial arts clubs, by martial artists. Packed full of simple, intuitive functionality.

Customisable and Easy To Use

Automatic Grade Progression

Our Club Manager tracks progression towards the next grade based on your pre-defined attendance criteria. This can be increased or decreased as needed, and never automatically promotes a student to the next grade.

Easily Identify Progress

With a stunning, visual grade progression accordion, it's easier than ever to see student progression across an entire class to see who's ready to grade and who needs more support.

Easy Attendance Tracking

You can choose between automatically assuming someone's present (and only marking absences) or visa-versa, minimising admin time and making it easy to see who's in your class on the night.

Grading Management, Made Easy

Gradings carry enough stress and administration as it is. Club Manager By BMABA won’t add to it. Easily promote students, update permanent notes and fine-tune grading readiness from just one simple screen.

Flexible For Any Style

We represent upward of 100 disciplines and styles, and we've built ClubManager by BMABA to fit each and every one of them.


Traditional Arts

It's simple and easy to setup Club Manager to follow a standard Kyu grading process, and this can also be extended to include Dan Grades.


Instructor Training

Our software can easily be adapted for instructor training. Set a special membership and class for instructors, and pre-defined their eligibility for instructorship.



Perhaps you practice Muay Thai or MMA and want to track progress without running traditional belts. Easy. Set levels, markers or Krus, and track progress effortlessly.


No Grades

Everything in our system is optional, so if you just assign a straight forward 'STUDENT' level and never work with any progressions, that's okay too.

Who's Turning Up?

Lesson planning is hard enough, let alone if you don’t have an idea on who’s likely to attend.

Easily see who’s booked onto classes in realtime, and define the number of available spaces – as well as whether or not its adult only, child only, or mixed – before you start planning lessons.

Customisable Grades

Perfect for multi-style or mixed aged clubs.

Club Manager by BMABA puts you firmly in control of grade structure. You can easily set whatever progression path you like – Kyu Grades, Colour Belts, Levels – the possibilities are endless. Easy to setup, easy to edit and just as easy to manage.

Ready To Grade?

Club Manager by BMABA tells you from a simple, easy to see dashboard widget whenever someone is eligible to grade, based up on the pre-set number of lessons (you decide upon), making it easy to ensure students and your club are ready for the next grading.

Attendance, With Admin In Mind

We want to help you reduce on the admin. That’s why our stunning attendance tracking feature is simple and light-weight. Select to either presume a student is automatically present, and only mark absences or switch it, and mark only those attending. Eitherway, Club Manager by BMABA works to make attendance tracking – linked to grade progression – easy.

It's The Little Details

From visual ques to show whether a student is a child or adult, through to easy to use capacity tools that help you see popular classes and limit attendance, Club Manager by BMABA is built by martial artists, for martial artists.

An easy to use, comprehensive system that's completely free and makes managing your club easy.

We’ve built ClubManager by BMABA from the ground-up exclusively for our clubs. We’re experts in martial arts, so we know exactly where the pinch-points in club management adn admin occur. 


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