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Official UK Martial Arts Coronavirus National Contingency, Video Lessons & Subsidies

In response to the UK’s closure of schools from Friday, the BMABA has ramped up it’s national UK martial arts contingency planning, effective immediately.

We are delivering huge grants and subsidies to enable UK martial arts clubs to remain afloat, providing key provisions such as insurance, licensing and safeguarding at vastly discounted rates.

We’re also vowing to enable every BMABA club with the full tools needed to deliver remote or online training within 10 days. This includes live time 1 to 1 training and pre-recorded group sessions. The technology is in motion and we’ve managed to get our insurance to sign off the delivery of online training. We will foot the bill entirely for the insurance arrangements, and the entire tool kit of associated liability, GDPR, health and safety and technical matters associated with remote training to help our clubs get through the next few months of uncertainty.

Access to this and additional student press releases, crisis management tools, contingency planning policies and daily briefings are available free of charge to every member of the UK martial arts community.

Members should login from and if you’re not registered, you can join for free to access all of our guidance from

As far as we can tell, this is the largest response the UK martial arts market has seen to the Covid 19 outbreak. Please watch and share our Chief Executive – Giovanni’s – call to arms for clubs and instructors below;

We are entirely self-funded and receive absolutely no financial support from Sport England, the UK National Lottery or any other Governmental department. We have grown from £20 of start up capital and a dream through to a multi-award winning martial arts governing body over the last 8 years through solid determination, effective governance and a great community of like minded members.

We will survive this.

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One thought on “Official UK Martial Arts Coronavirus National Contingency, Video Lessons & Subsidies”

  1. You guys are amazing. I’ve been with a large NGB for a number of years, and they’ve done s*** all to help us through this crisis. Unbelievablable that you’re doing this without any Sport England funding. SE – where are you!!?

    Great work. Very impressed.

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Important: We've launched the UK martial arts industry's largest response to the Covid 19 Coronavirus.
This includes a huge amount of funding and subsidies to discount the cost of membership and insurance, effective immediately, in addition to a wide reaching range of additional measures and resources. This is all designed to help our new and existing members to continue throughout the Coronavirus crisis.

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