BMABA Pre-Launch National Advertising Programme

We’re really excited to pre-launch our National Advertising Programme. Commencing imminently (during June, 2023) we’re exceptionally excited to announce an opportunity for clubs to access an unbelievable amount of promotion and new students.

We’ll be running constantly evolving national campaigns on an on-going basis to help clubs attract new members, and to assist more people than ever before to get into martial arts.

Our first campaign is with a Supermarket Giant who sponsors the official TeamGB and ParaGB. For the time being we’re unable to release their name, however this campaign will have an estimated 30,000,000 customer reach as well as being heavily advertised across all 1000+ stores nationwide. There will be extensive TV Commercials, Point of Sale promotions and various Social Media campaigns too.

All our clubs need to do in order to get involved and benefit from this enormous PR and advertising boots is offer one free session to anyone with a valid promotional code. Most clubs already offer this as standard, but provided you honour a free taster session, thereafter if the student wishes to remain you’re welcome to win them over as a new student in their own right. You can then charge them as usual, and they’ll hopefully have a long and successful membership to your club.

The opportunities for growth are enormous. It takes just 30 seconds to register your club with our national club finder. You’ll then be listed on one of the internet’s best ranked pages for terms like ‘find a martial arts club’ for not just those from our national advertising campaign to find, but also for the many other thousands of parents and students who come to BMABA looking for trusted clubs every year.