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Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Your Martial Arts Club: Official Update

Understandably, we’ve had dozens of enquiries and questions from clubs and instructors worried about Covid 19 (also known as Coronavirus) and the potential impact on their classes.

As an association, we’re working with our partners both within and outside of the sports industry to ensure you have access to the latest guidance and advice. Naturally the situation is evolving daily so it is proving difficult to offer anything conclusive or long-term, but we do have guidance available to BMABA instructors and clubs.

We have worked from the latest Public Health guidance alongside advice from the Sport & Recreation Alliance to put together a few essentials you can implement immediately at club level to do everything possible to continue providing safe martial arts, mindful of the potential for the spread of an infectious virus.

Our guidance covers;

The Latest Government Advice

The Current Commercial Position For Martial Arts

A Review Of Potential Limitations Of Class Sizes Or Gatherings

The Issue Of Schools Closing

Insurance Requirements

Practical Guidance, Updates For Your Members and Hygiene Pointers

To view our latest guidance, BMABA members need to login to the MyBMABA instructor portal from the link below. If you’re not already registered, you can join us online for free to access our guidance and advice.

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Important: We've launched the UK martial arts industry's largest response to the Covid 19 Coronavirus.
This includes a huge amount of funding and subsidies to discount the cost of membership and insurance, effective immediately, in addition to a wide reaching range of additional measures and resources. This is all designed to help our new and existing members to continue throughout the Coronavirus crisis.

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