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Huge Revamp Of Our Membership Features Underway

We’ve always been proud to think outside the box about how a martial arts association can support it’s clubs and instructors. Since 2012 we’ve been introducing industry-firsts – such as editable online student certificates, free club websites and so on.

As 2022 marks our 10 year anniversary of serving clubs and instructors, we’re unveiling dozens of new and exciting membership features. Whilst we’re keeping some of these new features a surprise, a few are now nearly ready and we’d like to share more information about a couple of flagship provisions going live for 2022.

BMABA’s First Cook Book!

We know that many clubs are being asked to help provide nutritional and diet guidance to students as part of the training. This is especially the case in fitness orientated disciplines such as MMA and BJJ. To assist clubs in offering an extra value service to members and to help instructors make the right decision about their own training, we’re introducing an exclusive new BMABA recipe book called Jab, Cross, Cook.

Each month we’ll release 30 new recipe ideas, including ‘cheatsheets’ detailing the nutritional value of high street chains and a few specials throughout the year. These recipe ideas are to be released on a royalty free basis, meaning you can package them up or publish them how you wish. More details of who will have inclusive access will be available in due course.

Help Growing Your Club

We’re going to be unveiling a new social enterprise award for our clubs and instructors during 2023. This will all be focused around helping clubs to become more financially resilient, working toward ensuring healthy cashflow and reserve funds through ethical club management. We’ll also be helping clubs to attract new members with special help around social media marketing and advertising online, including a number of courses and qualifications in this area.

Club Management Software

Our flagship Club Management Software is in it’s final stages of signoff and will be out for BETA testing in the next couple of weeks. This is a beast of a system and can handle everything from web content and an online shop to online membership sign ups, student management, attendance tracking, nutrition and workout scheduling and so much more. We’re making this software completely free of charge to all instructors and clubs.

DSL Service

As part of our on-going effort to improve safeguarding in martial arts, we’re releasing our BMABA Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) Service. This free of charge service will see BMABA act as a club’s designated point of contact for safeguarding concerns. This means we’ll be able to deal with referrals, provide assistance and guidance to the club’s welfare officer and assist in your club fulfilling it’s core legal responsibilities in respect of safeguarding. This service will be completely free of charge to all members.


ASDA Referral Scheme

We’re in the final phases of signing off our on-going project with ASDA and Yeo-Valley which will see us act as an exclusive provider of martial arts taster sessions for their customers redeeming activity days via the new loyalty card. We’re excited to be able to provide such a huge lead generating service to our members and again, this is inclusive free of charge to everyone.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. We can’t wait to continue unveiling new and upcoming membership features with you in the weeks to come. For the latest, please remember to follow us on Social Media.