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Free Martial Arts Club Website

It’s more important than ever before for your club to have a professional, coherent online presence for current and prospective students. Almost everyone will look for a club online, and more than half will visit from a mobile device.

No matter how good your instruction might be ‘on the mats’, if you don’t have the depth of information and professional appearance online, you’re selling your club short. That’s where we come in.

We have been providing our members with a free club website since 2012 and empowered thousands of clubs to receive millions of views over the years. We make sure every single club on our books has access to the latest technology – inclusive in any fees already paid – to get online quickly and efficiently.

Accept No Imitations

We were the first association to offer a free club website to our members, and we’re still the market leaders. We are part of the BMABA Group of Social Enterprises, which means we’re linked to MartialHost and MartialClub. This gives us access to industry leading technology which other organisations simply can not compete with.

A Completely Free Website, Hosting & Support For Your Club.

Every martial arts club needs a website. It’s absolutely essential.

Word of mouth isn’t always enough in today’s world and being able to present your club online is about so much more than just advertising your business. Website design can cost in excess of £500 per website and hosting can cost upwards of £30 per month.

With your BMABA website you can get your club online, advertise your classes, sign up students online, sell stuff through your own online shop, build a member’s only area and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

Best of all, not only is free but there’s expert help on hand to help you make the most of your new online presence, plus you can rest assured your site is part of a secure, super-fast hosting environment.

Using our powerful position with search engines your website will enjoy high placement on Google ‘straight out of the gates’. The free club website offer is designed to help your club get online without any technical knowledge, and without costing you upwards of £20 per month, too.

What’s Included?

Every paying BMABA member receives access to the full MartialClub premium service. 

This includes access to a powerful drag and drop website builder which will enable you to create a professional website in minutes without any code. It also includes a domain name, access to webmail (, one to one support from a web designer, design tutorials, a free SSL certificate and loads more as standard.

What’s Included?

  • Completely free and unlimited use of the award winning Standout website builder. This allows clubs to quickly build professional websites without any design knowledge or coding. Take a look at the preview video to see the software in action.

  • A Free Premium Domain Name (i.e: or Premium Subdomain (i.e: 

  • Free SSL Certificate To Secure Your Website

  • Access To Dozens Of Predesigned Templates & Hundreds Of Designed Assets

  • One To One Expert Web Designer Support & Guidance

  • Superfast and Reliable Web Hosting

  • Business E-Mail (i.e: For Gold & Platinum Members

How Does The Sitebuilder Work?

We encourage you to explore the MartialClub website to see just what you have access to with your BMABA membership. It’s an incredibly powerful system, which we’re immensely pleased to pass onto our clubs without charge saving at least £70 per year.

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Share Your Club
Share your story, the background of instructors, class times, session information, new joining packs and more online.
Accept Payments
Whether it's an online shop for club merchandise or online payments for class fees, uniforms or registrations - it's all possible.
News & Blog
Share the latest club news and post out important updates with a beautiful, easy to read blog.
Photo & Video Galleries
Share galleries with photos and videos of your club in action, to retain students and bring new parents/students into your club.
Forms & Registrations
From contact forms to club registrations, use the online forms tools to accept various information to digitalise your club.
Marketing & Newsletters
From popups and newsletters to catch new interests to further marketing tools to engage existing members, it's all inclusive.


Access Our Website Scrappage Scheme

Until December 2021, we’re running a website scrappage scheme as part of our efforts to help clubs modernise and recover from the impacts of COVID. We know a major part of this will be presenting a professional, clear online image to help bring parents and students back into the club.

If you already have a website active elsewhere, we will fund up to 100% of the costs in either migrating your site to us (so you can rip up your current monthly hosting bills) or converting you onto the MartialClub subscription. We’re the only martial arts association to offer this, but we’re happy to fund in-excess of £10,000 of digital innovations in this area because we know that whilst you’re no doubt brilliant in the dojo, you might not be perfect behind the computer. Whilst this may be the case, it’s an important area of your club management that has to be addressed and we hope the scrappage scheme will both shoulder the financial burdens, and provide the necessary incentive to bring your club up to date.

Take a look at the full MartialClub service which is
provided free of charge to all of our paying members!

See MartialClub

This is an exclusive offer only available to BMABA members.

Take A Closer Look…

Access the Martial Arts Industry’s most powerful web hosting provision, inclusive in the costs of membership.

Yes, absolutely. If you have a website already set up which you would like to keep, we do offer a few alternatives which will help migrate your site to MartialHost’s fantastic service and will allow us to ‘suck up’ the hosting bill for you.

You certainly can. MartialClub can provide the assistance needed to point your current domain name to their servers, so you can enjoy the full service.

It won’t fit the MartialClub offering but we do have a few Managed Premium WordPress hosting provisions which we should be able to move you across onto. This will help save you what is no doubt a considerable hosting charge. Migration is paid for by the association and guarantees your transfer to be safe.

We think so. The system is very easy to use so the learning curve is minimal. If you can make it to black belt, you can spare an hour to work your way around this really easy to use site builder. If you do get stuck, professional support is available from MartialClub to assist you.

Yes, it is. We’ve been providing these kind of benefits to our members since 2012. As part of the BMABA group, we receive preferential access to services like MartialClub. Take a look at our membership options when you join us online to explore what’s included with each package, but every member will have access to this premium service.

We Are The Only Martial Arts Association In The UK Who Can Provide This Sort Of Technology To Their Members As Standard

Technical questions about how this can work for your club?

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