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We Have Launched MartialHost – A Martial Arts Hosting Subsidiary

Since our Chief Exec. Giovanni founded the BMABA in 2012, we’ve always been hell-bent on making the use of the latest technology. Our websites, our systems and our processes all use cutting-edge technology and IT to help automate what can be sped up, and keep a human touch on the bits that need extra care.

This has helped us flourish into a multi-award winning association and we’d now like to extend this capability to clubs – both within and outside of the BMABA.

If there is one thing Coronavirus has taught our industry, it’s that too many clubs are not enterprising. Being ready to meet prospective students online, and being able to retain existing students is something so many clubs tell us they struggle with. A combination of cost and technological know-how restricts many dojos into having basic, ‘ropey’ websites that don’t represent their skill and quality instruction properly.

MartialHost is a new hosting & design company. It’s been technically running since 2013 – as it powers our network and a few other selective ‘friends’ within the industry too. Already it powers hundreds of sites and has served hundreds of thousands of visitors across dozens of organisations and schools. We’re now making this public, so more clubs can begin benefiting from affordable, simple, martial arts orientated web hosting and design services. Given the Covid 19 emergency and the sudden reliance by so many clubs on digital communications and online teaching, we’ve pushed forward this announcement to ensure clubs not already online and making the most of the current digital teaching space can do so in the confidence.

MartialHost will be run as a separate social enterprise to the BMABA with a separate team on the day-to-day running, but it will be overseen by Giovanni – our Chief Executive and Founder of the BMABA Group – and we will be fully supporting the enterprise in a rapid growth. Any instructor wishing to use MartialHost for hosting, design or other digital services can do so with our full backing and recommendation.

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Important: We've launched the UK martial arts industry's largest response to the Covid 19 Coronavirus.
This includes a huge amount of funding and subsidies to discount the cost of membership and insurance, effective immediately, in addition to a wide reaching range of additional measures and resources. This is all designed to help our new and existing members to continue throughout the Coronavirus crisis.

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