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We’re Launching A New Plan To Tackle The Incoming Recession

September 2022 will mark our 10 year anniversary which is exceptional in every regard. We started with £20 and 1 club back in 2012, and today we’re one of the largest powerhouses in UK martial arts. That said, we are still community driven in the largest part and we need to make sure we’re all pulling in the right direction.

Times are hard for everyone with the current cost of living crisis. We’re doing everything we can to keep pricing suppressed for our clubs and instructors. We supported our members during COVID with more than £150,000 of self-funded aid alongside the industry’s biggest set of resources and courses to help clubs survive lockdown. We’re now holding back price rises and continuing to develop services and provisions to help clubs during the cost of living crisis. Unbelievably, we’re still charging 2019 pricing despite more than doubling the resources we offer, including new features such as our app, club management software, club colours and so much more.

After today’s announcement from the Bank of England, it’s clear that a recession is coming and that the hard times we’re all facing now are unlikely to be short-lived. In order to continue supporting clubs with some of the lowest prices in the UK whilst offering our expansive range of resources and support, we need to ask for your help and patience.

We’re asking our clubs to join us in a community response to the issue so we can continue expanding the resources we offer whilst keeping costing down.

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