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We’re Stepping Up To Help Our Clubs Through The Cost of Living Crisis

The past two years of COVID restrictions have made ‘martial arts as usual’ almost impossible for almost all clubs and instructors from just about every style. The turn of 2022 promised optimism and greener pastures, until the appalling events in Ukraine coupled with a variety of economic shocks at home suddenly reduced consumer confidence and brought about the possibility of a new recession.

We spent 2020 and 2021 emphatically supporting our clubs in everyway we could. From free tools and qualifications to subsided insurances and free membership. The support cost us more than £100,000 of our ‘own money’ (it’s more technically our member’s money, as they pay our membership fees). As the market recovered we announced new and enhanced membership packages for the 2022-2023 period. Whilst slightly more initial upfront cost, the overall value of provisions included and the value for money afforded by the new membership fees, we felt, would help clubs grow in the new prosperous times ahead.

That said, we know times are tough. We are also acutely aware that it could get much harder for clubs, much faster. The cost of living and in particular energy prices is squeezing the wallets of many students who attend classes and training sessions. We know this will put pressure on clubs to keep their training fees down. We also know it could have an impact on new students joining, especially among the more profitable afterschool classes. Clubs are seeing cost increases everywhere. From insurance and web hosting to uniforms and equipment. Whether it’s your full time business or a part time passion, our research is already indicating a fairly profound knock to the confidence of clubs and their students.

We want to do all we can to stop that from coming to fruition, and we feel morally obligated to do whatever we can to keep clubs open.

In a time where costs are going up, we’re going to buck the trend. We’re going to be enforcing price reductions across the board on just about any and all of our membership and insurances, including the introduction of a new long-term provision to ensure there is always an affordable and accessible way forward for smaller clubs.


What sort of reductions are we making?

We’re going to be reducing the costs of all memberships, as well as memberships inclusive with insurance. Not only this, we’re going to improving the level of Public Liability Insurance and Abuse Cover we offer as standard. This will make BMABA memberships and insurances the most cost effective options in the UK whilst still providing an absolute powerhouse of resources and tools. We’re going to keep our student cover at the all-time low it currently rests at, with additional reductions available for larger bulk registrations. We’re also introducing a new club and event cover membership which will be provided at cost, to ensure clubs can access the cover they need at the most affordable price-point.


How will BMABA achieve this cost reduction when prices are going up?

We’ve always been proud to be a not for profit and a social enterprise. All of our profits are already donated to the Fighting Chance Foundation and we also undertake huge projects to plant trees and fund clean water projects. Going forward, whilst we are being hit with higher staffing costs and supply chain costs, we’ll continue to subsidise cost increases from our ‘bottom line’. This effectively means making less ‘profit’ and pumping more money than ever back into what we do and support. This won’t have any impact on the quality of membership or insurance, nor the membership tools or resources we offer and are developing.


How do I access the new pricing?

We’ll be providing access to the new reduced pricing across the board. Our websites and online price lists will be updated asap to reflect the reductions. Clubs don’t need to jump through hoops to access these cost savings, nor is there any need to fear sudden rebound pricing next year. We’ll support the lower pricing for as long as we possibly can. When it needs to rise, it will be by single percentile differences and we’ll provide as much heads up as possible. This pricing will be safe until atleast September.